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Thomas recently got into a relationship and we wanted to welcome her to the family...
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  1. Marcelo Felices

    Marcelo Felices11 tuntia sitten

    She a dime

  2. Akila Perera

    Akila Perera19 tuntia sitten

    This channel became literally my fav right now.

  3. Zoe Vlarck

    Zoe VlarckPäivä sitten

    I wish i was part of it.

  4. Tony Castro

    Tony CastroPäivä sitten

    My goal is to complete a full IRONMAN event this year at 62 years old, but unfortunately I have two Titanium knees, it’s never been done before and I will be the first, I’m signed up for the 2021 California inaugural Sacramento IRONMAN Oct 24th, can you help make my dream come true?

  5. ciaran ptrs

    ciaran ptrs2 päivää sitten

    man it sucks to live in germany :(

  6. Moisty WR

    Moisty WR4 päivää sitten

    You blurred the plate once, then left it the other time btw

  7. Siul 99

    Siul 995 päivää sitten

    Is this the same girl he had a sate in italy with

  8. Jon Newman

    Jon Newman5 päivää sitten

    Thomas your gf is gorgeous good job buddy

  9. Hyphen

    Hyphen6 päivää sitten

    Bro my cheeks hurt for smiling for 14 mins

  10. Nikolaos Sakellis

    Nikolaos Sakellis6 päivää sitten

    And then he spins it put of there full throtle 6k rpm doing a donut on the way out

  11. JC's Channel

    JC's Channel6 päivää sitten

    Hello Guys, i hope you read this...i love you super as in super..hope you visit philippines

  12. Siraj Kasideen

    Siraj Kasideen9 päivää sitten

    all paid subscribers what a joke

  13. nur afiq

    nur afiq10 päivää sitten

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  14. Joana Videira

    Joana Videira11 päivää sitten


  15. Sisi

    Sisi15 päivää sitten

    now i believe in love

  16. Stefan Vogels

    Stefan Vogels15 päivää sitten

    That was so emotional when she started crying within her speech, I left a tear of joy for them

  17. Jessica Bunan

    Jessica Bunan17 päivää sitten

    Lexie made me cry too. She really love thomas. And ammar and matt they are the best of bestfriends. 💖

  18. Catarina Neiva

    Catarina Neiva18 päivää sitten

    This was so beautiful to watch!

  19. Jonash Salazar

    Jonash Salazar18 päivää sitten

    Enjoy watching this vlog 🤗🤗🤗

  20. Xplicid

    Xplicid18 päivää sitten

    1:24 “but you can never leave us...” 🥺 Says the guy that left us

  21. Tamara alsa'adi

    Tamara alsa'adi19 päivää sitten

    watching this during covid is weird

  22. Sannie

    Sannie21 päivä sitten

    I'm happy for lexi...

  23. Albert Sleiman

    Albert Sleiman21 päivä sitten

    I'm rewatching yes theory videos i just noticed but is that Corey funks girlfriend at 7:21

  24. kylen maple

    kylen maple22 päivää sitten

    I just imagine how many people live vicariously through Yes Theory videos and cringe so hard... they are like a living, breathing version of cheesy Instagram posts

  25. Sannie

    Sannie21 päivä sitten

    They're famous..what do you expect...they live by social media

  26. Sannie

    Sannie21 päivä sitten

    You're just jealous..at least they makes changes to others..they inspire others to do much more

  27. Colin

    Colin23 päivää sitten

    You guys are great spirits. Thank you for letting it out into the world.

  28. abdul tawwab

    abdul tawwab23 päivää sitten

    I'm on a yes theory marathon and I'm loving this content. 12:42 ❤❤❤👏

  29. iFNhU

    iFNhU23 päivää sitten

    Cant believe after all this they broke up.

  30. James ,

    James ,20 päivää sitten

    Can’t tell if you’re joking or not

  31. Arisse Sugui

    Arisse Sugui23 päivää sitten

    ok now they’re couple goals pls end up together 🤍

  32. Manav Shah

    Manav Shah24 päivää sitten


  33. Saranwrap

    Saranwrap25 päivää sitten

    This shows how inspired there fans are

  34. Es De Cristianos

    Es De Cristianos25 päivää sitten

    Mar brå good intro 😎👋✌

  35. Emily Petty

    Emily Petty25 päivää sitten

    can we talk about how Hannah from the funk bros has been in the background of two videos this one at 7:12 and the dating one lol

  36. Tyler Cowan

    Tyler Cowan26 päivää sitten

    Wait I didn’t know they were dating cuz the last video they were kinda sus

  37. Sleepy Moon

    Sleepy Moon26 päivää sitten

    yall know the license is still shown at 13:51

  38. Skargar

    Skargar26 päivää sitten

    lexi: I don't wanna be alone anymore me: Oh, it started raining...

  39. Diana

    Diana28 päivää sitten

    this channel has literally been the source of my happiness in this panoramica im so happy i found it

  40. Soham Darekar

    Soham Darekar28 päivää sitten

    Seriously Fu*king Finally he found a girlfriend FU*KING FINALLY seriously you should think before you talk

  41. suggm A

    suggm A29 päivää sitten


  42. Matt

    MattUukausi sitten

    I was hoping they'd send the Yes Theory fans with their hundreds of roses to swarm the bride and groom.

  43. lIl oBx lIl

    lIl oBx lIlUukausi sitten

    Yes Theory is by far one of the best and most genuine FItitle channels out there they make my days better :)

  44. Niels Bom

    Niels BomUukausi sitten

    @1:37 in the book case: The Game. Does not surprise me.

  45. 1980mjames

    1980mjamesUukausi sitten

    This video was phenomenal.

  46. Karun Bihari

    Karun BihariUukausi sitten

    Started my workday with this video. I recently only watch videos of 2020 and later. Watching the videos after 2019 where Thomas and Lexie are featured will never be the same again. Never knew they were in a relationship. I heard Thomas mentioning about his "girlfriend" in the Trip to India video. I also want someone who looks at me the way Lexie looks at Thomas

  47. krzemian

    krzemianUukausi sitten

    13:12 The moral of the story: don't drink and drive unless you vow to seek discomfort

  48. Poofafysh

    PoofafyshUukausi sitten

    This might have been the happiest thing I have ever seen in my life

  49. Carl

    CarlUukausi sitten

    Yes theory is a channel that holds a 100% make you smile rate for every video.

  50. Aditya Nath

    Aditya NathUukausi sitten

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  51. Celio Mateus Melo

    Celio Mateus MeloUukausi sitten

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  52. Christophe Savard

    Christophe SavardUukausi sitten

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    Hussein AmrUukausi sitten

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    Justin LuchtUukausi sitten

    lovely af

  56. V T

    V TUukausi sitten


  57. Rachana Ambhure

    Rachana AmbhureUukausi sitten

    The way they see each other is so emotional and romantic ❤

  58. Rhea Maceris

    Rhea MacerisUukausi sitten

    You guys are the Best! So many smiles and fun shared....Love this!

  59. jimmy hendrix

    jimmy hendrixUukausi sitten

    Only wish i had atleast one friend :{

  60. TravD23

    TravD23Uukausi sitten

    How did 604 people (at the time I watched this) find something to dislike about this? Yes Theory as an idea is phenomenal, and as a channel, a group of friends and a way of thinking, it is powerful. This was a heart felt, loving and entertaining way for them to introduce Lexie to the family. And anyone that has followed Lexie, aka Lexie Limitless, knows she is about as genuine as it gets. Loved this!

  61. Necro mancer

    Necro mancerUukausi sitten

    So ummmm, are they still together?

  62. Gianluca Mayer

    Gianluca MayerUukausi sitten

    12:53 Uff, that hit me like a rock. I hope I find someday something similar like Thomas did.

  63. JB Flynn

    JB FlynnUukausi sitten

    bruh why blur out the license plate at 13:44 when you show it literally 7 seconds later

  64. Alex Reyes

    Alex ReyesUukausi sitten

    I have the wrong friends

  65. Conor Graham

    Conor GrahamUukausi sitten

    Everyone turns up thinking they’re going skydiving or something.. ha ha waste of 5 hours

  66. Asit Khanda

    Asit KhandaUukausi sitten

    Maan. This is what mankind should be doing. Helping each other out all the way!

  67. Chad Celestine

    Chad CelestineUukausi sitten

    Am i the only one who watches the funk bros that seen Hanna ?

  68. Andrew Todd

    Andrew ToddUukausi sitten

    Well now your proposal really has to be something special lol

  69. Youssef Amr

    Youssef Amr2 kuukautta sitten

    What’s the name of the song at the end ?

  70. Sachini

    Sachini2 kuukautta sitten

    This video deserves more views than this ...... When Lexie cries on this video I automatically cry with her....

  71. League Master gg

    League Master gg2 kuukautta sitten

    0:04 Well, you're probably wondering how I got here ...

  72. Sachini

    Sachini2 kuukautta sitten

    In our lives we all need friends like Ammar and Matt. And Lexie, she is so blessed to have a life partner like Thomas. All the best you guys. Love you all from SRI LANKA.

  73. Joe Francis Bustamante

    Joe Francis Bustamante2 kuukautta sitten

    I hope the happiness will never end

  74. Spenser Shillam

    Spenser Shillam2 kuukautta sitten

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    After getting out of a toxic relationship one always finds comfort in isolation and putting up wall.. but these videos the whole concept is the complete opposite. Getting out of your comfort and conquering fears

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