72 Hours With Strangers Who Have Seen Aliens

A few months ago Ammar heard about an incredibly strange event in Massachusetts on September 1st 1969 where several people that didn’t know each other from the same town claim to have been abducted by aliens on the same evening. The story seemed so surreal and otherworldly that we had to go speak to the people directly... Here are their stories. What do you think?
The UFO monument park is in loving memory of the late, Dr Howard W. Reed.
Hosts: Thomas Dajer, Ammar Kandil, Sky Cowans and Eric Tabach
Editors: Thomas Dajer, Cam Peddle, Bryce Perry, Tristan Kevitch and Eric Tabach
Production coordinator: Alex Sandstedt and Tristan Kevitch
Directed by Ammar Kandil and Thomas Dajer
Thank you Eric Tabach for helping us capture and edit this video:
Thank you to Sky for pointing us towards this story:
Then of course thank you to Thom Reed and all of the other witnesses that were willing to speak to us and share their version of the story.
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    I remember as a child seeing a unidentified flying object when I was about 4 years old. I was with my older siblings outside at night. My parents weren't home so my sister and my brother were playing basketball together and I was just looking at the stars. and then this great white light with a blue aura zoomed above us. My siblings ran back inside and left me behind. I don't know if its a child's imagination, but I remember hearing a voice in a unintelligible speech. kinda like a radio recording. and then the bright light disappeared in thin air as if it were never there. to this day we still wonder what it was. it's one of my earliest memories

  4. Edward Monge

    Edward Monge4 tuntia sitten

    This is an amazing documentary! I had an Alien encounter when I was 17 years old and I haven’t shared my story in a documentary yet. Thank you guys awesome job.

  5. Patrick van der Pols

    Patrick van der Pols4 tuntia sitten

    That bullshit comment at the start of the video. Testing healthy people is nonsense.... fucking hoax.

  6. Allen Ivey

    Allen Ivey5 tuntia sitten

    That lady was crazy, she did not get abducted and her story is conflicting, her dad chased it? But then locked her in the basement? Like what?

  7. jose sauceda

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    It flew over our place The Humming was loud The lights went out you could see the Beam of Light shout down The Leaves were Dead on The Tree for Years But they Never Took Me Only My Wife To This Day she HAS ORIONS BELT ON HER ARM NO I AM NOT CRAZY.

  8. TornMinds66

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    i love people who truely believe in this stuff, sadly though MOST of them all grew up around the same era in time, meaning who knows if their own parents slipped them something and they had a trip issue etc. I mean do we hear anyone now adays having these so called experiences? I say i believe but i could care less at the same time. Everything out there does exist some believe, some don't. some call it crazy and stupid, why? I might judge yes just like alot of people, but I also keep my mind wide open, this is why I liked this video it's nice to see you guys talking to these people, not for so called stupid docs or other things...

  9. Gidget AKA G

    Gidget AKA G8 tuntia sitten

    One night not to log ago, my bf and all five of our kids looked up into the night skies to look at the stars. There were so many stars throughout the night but the crazy thing is that there were many things that were moving around. They looked like the stars kinda, except they were all going in different directions at speeds that made no sense to the norm. We've now seen something like this twice. ..Then another time many years ago I seen something over the trees in the sky and I was driving towards it. When I got around the trees I stopped as I seen this thing that looked like a fireball. So I get out of my vehicle looking up at this thing and the flame look goes away but I can now see this dark object still sitting where I seen it orginally. Then it starts moving so I jump back into my vehicle to follow it through the sky until I ended up losing it after a red light caught me and I could no longer find it. Strangest things I've ever encountered in the skies...

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    So he’s a disinformation specialist.

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    The guy with the camera looks like crazy 8 from breaking bad

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  14. Kevin Reed

    Kevin Reed13 tuntia sitten

    I've seen the "Orange Orb" he's talking about. It was moving in a zig-zag pattern. I believe these people. One day everyone will know truth!

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    LIARS !

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    I’ve also seen a massive flash in the sky twice on separate occasion at night in my neighborhood. It was a clear night. The second flash was follows by the weirdest warping sound that shook the house

  18. Ellena L.

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    Swearing at 21:45 min. is not cool! Using God's name with profanity will turn a lot of people off. It should be deleted, please. You're making your viewers an unwilling party to it. That's unacceptable.

  19. Mountain

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    It is not a political statement or I am affiliated with any political party or movement. But I question people who talk about climate change please try to figure out what we are and who we are. I understand we are seeing more environmental disasters but .... I believe there is more to it

  20. Life's A Trip

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    I wish photographers would see them and capture it on their telephoto lenses

  21. Rob Torcks

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    Lights in the sky mean nothing. It's a structure in the sky that cannot be explained. That's what's important.

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    So uh...are we measuring in barns now?

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    The technology out there makes us highly inferior.Thay know of our existence.using propulsion in a way we wouldn't understand.

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    Maybe them aliens are the people before the blackhole exploded and they are studying us ahhooo hooo

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    The guy towards the end that was in the park in the dark.. I believed him. He seems very genuine.

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    I mean, no reaction at all to "I turn electronic shit down"? You had electronics that worked perfectly around her and you could easily tested this to really rule out if this is in any way true.

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    After CENTURIES of aliens trying to hide themselves from us, a few teenage aliens got a hold of their parents' spaceship and went on a joyride to Earth and were seen

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    If there is aliens then why can't we just accept it and live normally and accept as our system deal it. Why we have made such a secret of it. Is govt afraid of them that they are more powerful then them.

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    They walk among us already.

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    I’m skeptical of alien encounters but the fact that the chief of police kept ignoring them is suspicious.

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    My great-grandma says she was abducted by aliens when she was younger. I don’t think I ever met her (if I did I would’ve been too young to remember) but just the idea is scary. Aliens and the paranormal is my biggest fear.

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    Did you hear what she said, "lots of children were there, lots of them, and they kept disappearing". Answers more of the human trafficking questions.

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    Demons go where they are welcome. Unfortunately it sounds like permission was granted to those demons( also known as aliens). Sorry for those bad experiences people.

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    It's always crazy erratic people that give these stories.. Why would aliens come here to examine our simple anatomy.. Repeatedly

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    There something in a Human body has Alien wants to obtain - DNA to reproduce

  60. The Way In

    The Way InPäivä sitten

    When I was a kid I had an experience I never found an explanation for, I heard the sound of someone saying something to me while I was alone in my room. The words didn’t mean anything, but I’ll never forget them. The voice, sounding very close, right in my ear, said, “take the paper.” I screamed and jumped out of bed and ran out of my room. It was really scary. Looking back now I feel like maybe it was my imagination or I hallucinated or maybe I was drifting into hypnogogic state, the moment right before you drift to sleep. It’s a liminal state between sleeping and awake. Since I had been in my room in complete darkness (but I don’t remember why I was there, awake, in the dark, or what I was doing before that) I think it’s possible I had been in a dream/nightmare that seemed like waking life, and the voice woke me. That being said I think it’s possible there are other explanations for what the kids saw. Especially when there’s no explanation and you saw something that is out of place or you’re not sure what it is- it’s possible the “UFO sighting” might have happened when these folks (as kids) were falling asleep.

  61. Angieghost UFORick

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    They are absolutely realbased on several sightings and experiences that I've had even seeing 3 Grey's at the foot of my bed and much more

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    You made a great Documentary guys. I follow your Channel for quite a while now and i really like your Videos. I see 2 problems here. First of all there is no proof at all for anything said in this Documentary. Second, all the eyewitnesses have been kids at the time of the incidents. There are many possible solutions to those cases and also there are psychological phenomens applying to how all those people are telling their stories. So in the end i cant believe anything thats told in this documentary, but appart from that it was great storytelling.

  65. Sarran Asif

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    I've ask myself this, what is more disturbing and scary...? That there are other lifeforms out there in space, or that we are completely alone?



    @joosh Really? It doesn't make you feel vulnerable or anything? I find it to be more terrifying to be entirely alone in the huge, vast space, on a planet soooo small as Earth is. Maybe I'm the only one that feels this way then 😅

  80. joosh

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    If we are completely alone I have no complaints

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    I honestly can’t understand why someone wouldn’t believe! I mean my God space and the universe are mind blowing in size and we now know there are literally billions of Galaxies with billions of stars! So to think that we are the only intelligent live out there is both ignorant and self centred

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