96 Hours Inside Afghanistan in 2020

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This week, I went to Afghanistan and discovered something about this incredible country that I never expected. We can't wait to see Noor's school develop and are so incredibly grateful to this community for giving us the ability to make these life-changing dreams come true.
Check out Drew Binsky’s video on the trip here!
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Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer and Thomas Dajer
Editors: Thomas Dajer, Cam Peddle, Bryce Perry, Tristan Kevitch and Thomas Brag
Produced by Alex Sandstedt


  1. Yes Theory

    Yes Theory3 kuukautta sitten

    Hey everyone, this is obviously a sensitive video for a few different reasons but I hope that you watch it with an open mind and enjoy an unusual story that I think is rarely told. Either way, I’m happy you’re here 🙏

  2. Kenneth Garmyn

    Kenneth GarmynPäivä sitten

    How is the school coming along?

  3. Elay Ahmadi

    Elay Ahmadi2 päivää sitten

    Great vid!

  4. HO VLOG

    HO VLOG6 päivää sitten

    You are welcome to my country 🇦🇫🇦🇫

  5. Young Saint509

    Young Saint5096 päivää sitten

    Visit Haiti

  6. Tristan The gamer

    Tristan The gamer8 päivää sitten

    afghans are ethnically different where you go capitol Kabul lot more Indian afghan then there's Herat more Caucasian afghan due to afghan is many different cultures put to 1 in the west.

  7. Alia Hewad

    Alia Hewad5 minuuttia sitten

    It’s not a dangerous country ! People don’t leave the country in peace, because it has many richness to the earth and everyone wants it , they are snatching it away from them ( afghans) beautiful country ruined by the known people

  8. Chantal Prins

    Chantal PrinsTunti sitten

    When he started about the features in the faces, wow! You could indeed see it very clearly. Beautiful! Beautiful people you've met and seen. Those kids were adorable!

  9. Zabhahs

    Zabhahs2 tuntia sitten

    i want to visit, this country was the center of the world and in some ways it still is in geopolitical terms

  10. Victor Dutta

    Victor Dutta3 tuntia sitten

    Usually the people who have the least, are the most giving and got more to offer.

  11. Mohammed Hashim

    Mohammed Hashim3 tuntia sitten

    3:55 Dubai airports ,terminal 2 🔥

  12. Joji Sama

    Joji Sama4 tuntia sitten

    I could hear Anthony Bourdain's voice over the b-roll shots. Great documentary. Still, hard disagree that humans are inherently good. We have a fallen nature by default and are only good after accepting Christ and walking with God. Very fortunate to have that great guide.


    YAMASHITA ENTERPRISE5 tuntia sitten


  14. Démaster

    Démaster5 tuntia sitten

    "what can i do for u". man... that touched me.

  15. Savana

    Savana5 tuntia sitten

    wow. this is such an amazing video!

  16. Jiu Chan

    Jiu Chan6 tuntia sitten

    Thank you for bringing some faith back in humanity. I hope Noir's dream to have a school for the kids will really come true and that you guys can follow up on this story. Stay safe, bless your soul.

  17. Doreen Lopez

    Doreen Lopez6 tuntia sitten

    I never knew Afganistan was such a beautiful country...

  18. D&L Legacy

    D&L Legacy6 tuntia sitten

    Time is running out world. The world is ending and we are distracted with all these things. We can't escape God when he judges us. There will be a time when this will all end. Accept christ as your savior so he can save you from what is to come. You can't be safe in this world because the news says there's a way they can fix this They will lie to your face and say its all better now while not truly caring about us God won't let us down

  19. The Ecuadorian & The Persian

    The Ecuadorian & The Persian6 tuntia sitten

    Thank you for sharing the beauty that the Middle East has to offer. Beautiful people all over the world!

  20. Killerspieler0815

    Killerspieler08159 tuntia sitten

    Wow ... and I know that the Taliban are responsible for much of the misery

  21. ERROR 58

    ERROR 589 tuntia sitten

    Middle eastern art and architecture is breathtaking!

  22. Séverine

    Séverine9 tuntia sitten

    Nora is the best, man! I love his voice and kindness

  23. Stella Richards

    Stella Richards11 tuntia sitten

    The unknown chard externally desert because mailman inherently attack past a curly lake. fresh, guttural H habitual scarf

  24. Sana Amin

    Sana Amin11 tuntia sitten

    As an afghan, I wish these cruel and heartless taliban could just stop and be human for once. I wish I could go to my country and live there in peace. It's such a fun and amazing country but because of tallibs, people don't even feel safe in their own house. I miss my country and I hope that one day, Afghanistan can become peaceful for us to live in it freely. I remember during my vistis to afghanistan, I was in a car and we passed by this certain road called "Sarake Now" (literally means "New Road" aadhjhga) and just five minutes after we passed from there, we looked back to see an explosion. I remember being in so much fear. When I was at my cousins house, there was an attack on a place right next to their apartment, and we could hear the sounds of the guns firing. I remember thinking it was over. I wish afghanistan can find peace one day inshallah. Afghanistan is the best country ever, if it wasn't for the taliban.

  25. HimynamesDave1

    HimynamesDave112 tuntia sitten

    Amazing video! You guys are doing an amazing job with your work. Keep it up and I wish you guys the best in 2021!

  26. Twiggyay

    Twiggyay12 tuntia sitten

    I have a co-worker from Afghanistan. He was out on a sunday, grabbing some ice cream with his family. He and his youngest brother were walking to the ice cream wagon away from his parents and second brother to get their ice cream, and that's when bombs went off. That was the last time he saw his mother, father, and other brother. One day i wish for him and his Dari brothers to go back and live in the Afghanistan they deserve.

  27. Gabusto

    Gabusto12 tuntia sitten

    can you make that kind of trip as a women and be as "safe" as he is

  28. stoneygreek

    stoneygreek13 tuntia sitten

    reality is that Taliban will eventually take over the country. U.S. presence serves only to create more Taliban.

  29. Sara Khan

    Sara Khan13 tuntia sitten

    Why isn’t anyone talking about the guy playing the afghan Rabab so beautiful

  30. Drew

    Drew13 tuntia sitten

    it really puts a smile on my face that you accepted the invitation to smoke some hash where its a big part of the culture

  31. tommyfromthearmy

    tommyfromthearmy14 tuntia sitten

    This is like like going to a Beverly Hills gated community and saying look this is what its like in California, NOT a good representation of Afghanistan.

  32. Sovi Lundman

    Sovi Lundman13 tuntia sitten

    He wanted to show another side of afghanistan that we dont see in media

  33. ConsoleGhxst

    ConsoleGhxst14 tuntia sitten

    What do you mean? Do you want him to show all of them destruction and famine ?

  34. Palig Oroulian

    Palig Oroulian14 tuntia sitten

    Please Tomas visit Armenia!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  35. crystytiger

    crystytiger15 tuntia sitten

    I am from Afghanistan

  36. Islombek Begijanov

    Islombek Begijanov15 tuntia sitten

    i was watching afghan videos before going to work, and reading the comments. Scrolling down a see on saying they´ve somked hash! i love hash and weed ahhaha nice experience boys ahahah

  37. صابرين سليم

    صابرين سليم18 tuntia sitten

    ياليت مترجم عربي 🙃

  38. annim hahs

    annim hahs18 tuntia sitten

    Ahhh Fly Dubai the airline company that probably transported every Afghan ever flying from somewhere

  39. brennan eaton

    brennan eaton21 tunti sitten

    8:50 interesting that Afghans like other cultures to wear their traditional clothing while visiting, but do not wear other cultures when visiting or living outside of their country. This video was bringing me pain, Afghanistan people are amazing but the old religious sect is trying to send them back to medieval times. Then they smoked hash. " Get high before you die" "yala yala lets go"

  40. அப்துல் தமிழ்

    அப்துல் தமிழ்22 tuntia sitten

    I'm tamil nadu you 💕 good man

  41. அப்துல் தமிழ்

    அப்துல் தமிழ்22 tuntia sitten

    Wow classic best for you 💕 அருமை பதிவு

  42. ynavvalencia

    ynavvalencia23 tuntia sitten

    It made me cry to see how beautiful this people are. It's so amazing that you was able to share this video to us. It's so special

  43. Irfan Haroon

    Irfan HaroonPäivä sitten

    First run a propaganda campaign against some target country, then destroy them by labeling them terrorist, then go there as civilized tourist and then give them certificate that they are not all bad people. What a formula👍

  44. I.M.S.S

    I.M.S.SPäivä sitten

    Am i just the only one who wasnt taught afghanistan a bad place.

  45. Kenneth Garmyn

    Kenneth GarmynPäivä sitten

    How is the school coming along?

  46. k moods

    k moodsPäivä sitten

    I've been in afghanistan for the past 6.5 years.

  47. Blue Nation

    Blue NationPäivä sitten

    96? Did you mean *69 hours?*

  48. comparison compatibility

    comparison compatibilityPäivä sitten


  49. R R

    R RPäivä sitten

    22:37 when i finally said it to my crush. mt crush:

  50. Brian Irving

    Brian IrvingPäivä sitten

    Loved the vid, I'm old guy in UK, nice positive vibe in Herat, not dissing the vid but no mention of US inventing the Taliban, and subsequent disastrous political monstrosity of that, I know, feel good vids, still ongoing political disaster there and many other places thanks to US hegemonic policies, ...?!?!?!

  51. Brady Reid

    Brady ReidPäivä sitten

    it’s so clean! the air looks so crisp, better than like nyc or la for sure

  52. jdm

    jdmPäivä sitten

    Its always amazing how beautiful the people are in these foreign countries. Yes i understand America is very beautiful too, ive spent my whole life here and i feel lucky. However day-to-day i feel like people can be so miserable, no time for anyone else, americans can be very self-centered. These foreign countries the people seem so selfless, they take interest in everyone around them. I wish i could see more of that in America.

  53. Gabriel Miguel

    Gabriel MiguelPäivä sitten

    Look at the beautiful smiling faces on all those kids. Beautiful people there in Afghanistan. If anyone from Afghanistan is watching this; love from America! We love you. God bless you all. Thank you for this beautiful and eye opening video.

  54. BRIAN

    BRIANPäivä sitten

    Sweden? You lied to protect yourself but how come you showed peoples faces who talked about Taliban as they don't get to leave in 96 hrs

  55. Riley Benz

    Riley BenzPäivä sitten

    Lmao saying you're from Sweden quick thinking

  56. BRIAN

    BRIANPäivä sitten

    Can't see another white person around....so entitled. You're not in a white person country that happens. How about focusing on how no drug company will work to fight dysentery the biggest killer of hundreds of millions and who is.

  57. Allen Reid

    Allen ReidPäivä sitten

    I tried to watch, but the ads were really outta control with this video. Really ruined the flow for me. (Yes, I understand the need to make money.) I did enjoy what I did get to see.

  58. Sd Atk

    Sd AtkPäivä sitten

    Heard Afghanistan is a dangerous country the taliban destroyed it

  59. S4MGR3N

    S4MGR3NPäivä sitten

    Wow!!! That was amazing! I’m crying and smiling as I watch the beautiful ending!

  60. Steve W

    Steve WPäivä sitten

    Your videos are very educational and heart warming,you guys are doing amazing work with your money made from this platform, it's awesome to watch

  61. Jalal Al-haddad

    Jalal Al-haddadPäivä sitten

    Well Herat is mostly shia muslims as i know, thats why it is less dangrous out there🤔 ???

  62. Jake H

    Jake HPäivä sitten

    24:44 I always thought that these were to try and get caught in the blades of a helicopter and damage it.

  63. Tri Poloski

    Tri PoloskiPäivä sitten

    this video needs an ethic oscar. Thank you for creating a lobby for people that feel left behind. They are no refugees, no uneducated strangers, they are humans with feelings and amazing skills and talents. I hope the school will be build soon.

  64. Roy De La Rosa

    Roy De La RosaPäivä sitten

    Thomas it's ur personality and the aura that gives a warm welcome to anyone that comes in contact with U. No better person to have done this trip. Ur like family to anyone that welcome U to there home or country.

  65. Enrique Iglesias

    Enrique IglesiasPäivä sitten

    Few good people left on this planet and you guys one of them ❤️ Love from India

  66. Roya Hamid

    Roya HamidPäivä sitten

    Good hearted souls.

  67. Jagger Riffle

    Jagger RifflePäivä sitten

    “And a story for the grandkids”

  68. Lil Pride

    Lil PridePäivä sitten

    We all should travel.. It changes your life, your perspective and all that. Its always better to get out of our comfort zone. Getting used to it gets you no where.

  69. Boiii iii

    Boiii iiiPäivä sitten

    10 year old girls be like what’s a terrorist

  70. Karthik

    KarthikPäivä sitten

    Ohh man, the video was so amazing and about Mr NOOR he is so nice man.,literally I don't have words to describe him.

  71. Ngawang Tashi

    Ngawang TashiPäivä sitten


  72. Charlie ChillaX

    Charlie ChillaXPäivä sitten

    As a traveler I learned years ago Kabul was the hot spot for travelers to get together. They all said it was a beautiful place. Nly. 2 Day

  73. Poey Playz

    Poey PlayzPäivä sitten

    Go to Yemen

  74. Diana de Meijer

    Diana de MeijerPäivä sitten

    Where's the women? Oh right. Must be cool to be a man, being able to travel to Afghanistan, hanging out with other Afghan men.

  75. Nikaray Z

    Nikaray ZPäivä sitten

    Love from Iran dear Afghanistan ❤️❤️❤️

  76. Spike Abdeen

    Spike AbdeenPäivä sitten

    I cried what else can I say

  77. GUAD Grotto

    GUAD GrottoPäivä sitten

    Bad reputation. More like Hell on earth. DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS WEAK ATTEMPT TO MAKE THIS PLACE LOOK LIKE A TRAVEL DESTINATION. Want to risk your life. Play Russian roulette, try a large dose of heroin or jumping of a cliff. You''ll get the same effcts. This guy is a complete fool to even post this.

  78. Lisbon Diaries

    Lisbon Diaries2 päivää sitten

    Beautiful views of a country, which we never get to see because of mainstream media, especially in the U.S. Those in power will only show is the images of the Middle East, which they want us to see. It is interesting how Thomas said he was from Sweden in this video but said he was from L.A. in the video of Iraq.

  79. AxDilez

    AxDilez2 päivää sitten

    The music 👌

  80. Soda Qandeel

    Soda Qandeel2 päivää sitten

    21:51 this is amazing I like the vibe

  81. spo0ons

    spo0ons2 päivää sitten

    21:21 How did you find a Korean popstar to hang and smoke with in Afghanistan?

  82. Elay Ahmadi

    Elay Ahmadi2 päivää sitten

    He’s Afghan and not a popstar 😂 - that’s a vibe 🔥

  83. Took_Err_Jerbs

    Took_Err_Jerbs2 päivää sitten

    The Iraq video and this has been the most epic content I’ve seen in a while. Would love to see a Pakistan video or maybe some content in Africa.

  84. Hassan Butt

    Hassan Butt2 päivää sitten

    come to pakistan next pls you would love it even more

  85. Nabeel Khan

    Nabeel Khan2 päivää sitten

    This entire video is so beautiful, felt like I was roaming with him through all the places

  86. Tiktok Nerd

    Tiktok Nerd2 päivää sitten

    You can just vibe with Afghan people all day without getting tired

  87. mari anne

    mari anne2 päivää sitten

    he looks like ryan gosling

  88. Ateyo

    Ateyo2 päivää sitten

    Whats interesting is that some of the 70% of the country that tourists will never see is some of the most beautiful places. Natural fresh water springs, snow capped mountains, Alpine forests, and tiny villages nestled next to roaring rivers, and hospitable people that never get any tourists. Even the Afghan Army and the Taliban rarely interact with them.

  89. Jonathan Maberry

    Jonathan Maberry2 päivää sitten

    This video had me in tears. But it also made me want to cheer in celebration for the courage, the optimism, the love that defines these people, despite the wars and oppression. It's a celebration of community, family, friendship, faith (even if it's secular faith in humanity), and joy.

  90. Jacob Cornish

    Jacob Cornish2 päivää sitten

    "waow" -Thomas

  91. Eric Krings

    Eric Krings2 päivää sitten

    Loved this! Love over Fear!

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    Nawid Hakimi2 päivää sitten

    Thank You for visiting our country!

  93. Luis Enriquez

    Luis Enriquez2 päivää sitten

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  94. Baku's baby

    Baku's baby2 päivää sitten

    I hate how, as an American student, we are never shown or taught how beautiful these places are...

  95. Charlie Charlie

    Charlie CharliePäivä sitten

    It’s all political, a lot of these Countries are stunningly beautiful and very welcoming . Don’t believe everything on the News or in the movies

  96. Seb Bat

    Seb Bat2 päivää sitten

    Visiting the middle east, including Afghanistan, is one of my bucket list items, It's unfortunate how the beautiful culture is often overshadowed by the conflict, and the stigma so many hold against the region never allows its full beauty to show. Thank you for this experience

  97. TheShadow Playlist

    TheShadow Playlist2 päivää sitten

    Afghanistan doesn't produce more hash than Morocco.

  98. Captain BaseBall Bat Boy

    Captain BaseBall Bat BoyPäivä sitten

    when you produce heroin, there is no need to produce hash...

  99. fmonk

    fmonk2 päivää sitten

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  100. TheMassive Bash

    TheMassive Bash2 päivää sitten

    Afghanistan is actually not the most dangerous country ...

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    That guy 052 päivää sitten

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    That guy 05Päivä sitten

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  107. Muhammad Saeed

    Muhammad Saeed2 päivää sitten

    Russell blamed America that she is the actual murderer of people in world war 1 and 2

  108. Muhammad Saeed

    Muhammad Saeed2 päivää sitten

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  109. Kanan Kontorovsky

    Kanan Kontorovsky2 päivää sitten

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  110. invisiblemajor

    invisiblemajor2 päivää sitten

    This is the reason why i dont watch cable news. All that paid news. They may have their degrees in jounalism, but this is the true journalism. Risking their lives. Hats off. Salute

  111. c p

    c p2 päivää sitten

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just wow!!!!! What an amazing experience this must have been for you. God bless.

  112. Emmanuel R.

    Emmanuel R.2 päivää sitten

    They are very good in English! They are so soft-spoken.