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Thomas and Matt somehow ended up in Saarbrücken, Germany and needed to get back to Budapest, 1,100 km away. They decided to get some of our subscribers to join them and roadtrip across Europe. Marteen and Eric picked them up and soon enough, they were off on the adventure of a lifetime. Thank you to these two incredible dudes for taking us all the way in their smart car and thank you to all the incredible new friends we made who hosted us and took us on adventures. We'll cherish this memory forever. Thank you for watching and for being a part of this community.
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Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer
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  1. fabian lvkas

    fabian lvkas2 vuotta sitten

    It was such a pleasure getting to know and hosting you guys in Vienna! 🙌🏽 And that you came to my play #tanzdervampire as well! Haha! Also thanks for taking Marten and Eric along, they for sure have a friend in Vienna now too! Quoting you guys for that matter: A STRANGER IS A FRIEND YOU HAVEN'T MET YET! The video turned out amazing! 👏🏽✨

  2. Simon Høy Rasmussen

    Simon Høy Rasmussen6 päivää sitten

    If you're ever in Denmark! Then you have a place to crash 😉

  3. Lendz Era

    Lendz Era25 päivää sitten


  4. Jacob 999

    Jacob 99929 päivää sitten

    Thank you for coming to my home country to Hungary

  5. MrEntertainer89

    MrEntertainer89Uukausi sitten

    Go to the Sign Lounge , best Bar in Vienna

  6. Pink ette

    Pink ette4 kuukautta sitten

    talented yes fam!

  7. S

    S2 päivää sitten

    13:04 DAMNNN

  8. Neal The Discord Guy

    Neal The Discord Guy2 päivää sitten

    What happened in saarbrücken ?

  9. Shrikant Chilwant

    Shrikant Chilwant2 päivää sitten


  10. Mclstr Lajato

    Mclstr Lajato4 päivää sitten

    whats the title of the background song in the intro

  11. hugojanse22

    hugojanse225 päivää sitten

    "I really wanna brush my teeth." Please warn me next time, because I spit my coffee all over my laptop XD Hilarious

  12. vaibhav rawat

    vaibhav rawat7 päivää sitten

    2 years later i still think i saw lexie in this video😂😂

  13. BIRD

    BIRD10 päivää sitten

    This is life my friends don’t ALWASY need money to live life

  14. Gon Freecs

    Gon Freecs10 päivää sitten

    So does anyone knows why they ended up in Saarbrucken?

  15. K M

    K M10 päivää sitten

    Props for Wilhelm Scream.

  16. Jaja Sam

    Jaja Sam11 päivää sitten

    Three years after we're still wondering how did Matt and Thomas ended up in Saarbrücken. I guess its one of the mysteries will never unfold in our eyes. 😅

  17. Büşra Deniz

    Büşra Deniz13 päivää sitten

    the austrian guy with his vampire fit though 🤌

  18. P H I LIP KHB

    P H I LIP KHB13 päivää sitten

    "I really wanna brush my teeth" That killed me 😂

  19. Liam

    Liam17 päivää sitten

    Don't mind me, just coming back on my yearly binge of Yes Theory to boost my confidence a little

  20. Noah W

    Noah W18 päivää sitten

    The first time seeing anyone on FItitle being in my hometown Saarbrücken. So sad I didn't meet you guys.

  21. TrickShot Perfect

    TrickShot Perfect18 päivää sitten

    Could be one of the most spontaneous and best videos/ episode Yes Theory have ever made. All these people seem so genuine and nice and are willing to step out of their comfort zone to experience a part of life they haven't done before, which is what Yes Theory stands for and the message they are trying to put forward. Amazing role models, my dream is to live life like u guys and be as spontaneous. These connections and bonds you build with ur fans/ friends will last forever and so will the memories throughout all your lives. Amazing how the video turned out!!! - Simon Kandah, A Jordanian (Arab) and a Big Fan from Toronto, Canada. Much Love Boys :)

  22. Gamerkiddie LoL

    Gamerkiddie LoL19 päivää sitten

    This is the content we need!

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    T-his19 päivää sitten

    how dit you get in saarbrücken?

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    Ingrid Barbosa22 päivää sitten

    Dudes, post covid, you guys should totally show up in Brazil.

  25. Ingrid Barbosa

    Ingrid Barbosa22 päivää sitten

    I can't believe they actually immortalised the victory over Brazil in sausages! LOL

  26. Besmir Osmani

    Besmir Osmani23 päivää sitten

    HHAHAH no wayy on your way to munich u drove throught one bridge that i drive every day hahah u were sooo closee to my housee

  27. M Kissler

    M Kissler24 päivää sitten

    9:06 ... just look a the license plate

  28. yash

    yash26 päivää sitten

    It hurts when they say farewell to people they spent 3 days with 💔

  29. bobi chung

    bobi chungUukausi sitten

    The reminiscent handsaw geometrically permit because latency certainly wreck including a pushy glockenspiel. sore, ad innocent

  30. Zeca Monteiro

    Zeca MonteiroUukausi sitten

    Shout out the chap wearing the blond Frank Ocean jumper

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    Carl SchmidtUukausi sitten

    Africa is waiting for your guys! Hit me up when you come over.

  32. scooots34

    scooots34Uukausi sitten

    3:43 Jim Carrey

  33. Mondkind Mandala

    Mondkind MandalaUukausi sitten

    OMG GUYS! You allowed me to dare to dream again and actaully pursuing my dreams! WOW this is incredible!

  34. suggm A

    suggm AUukausi sitten

    sick ass shots of that german guys smart car lol

  35. Jeanette Fouche

    Jeanette FoucheUukausi sitten

    After watching this I feel like the Yes Theory boys need to do a road trip in South Africa!! And I am more than happy to help out with transport, accommodations, tips and whatever else would be needed!!! Hook me up!

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    Felipe DamasioUukausi sitten

    Any Brazilian knows a group?

  37. Ice Blue Eyes

    Ice Blue EyesUukausi sitten

    Marten (blond dude) is so HOT.

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    tobiasUukausi sitten

    imagine Party with Yes Theory in Germany. Hooooly cow great job

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    MrEntertainer89Uukausi sitten

    They drinking Augustiner , best Beer ever

  40. MrEntertainer89

    MrEntertainer89Uukausi sitten

    If you are in Austria just message me

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    I have bin on the surfing spot in munchen my self it's alsome

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    That one guy looks like a young cole labrant

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    Paul DourisUukausi sitten

    Jesus is king and our savior repent of sin so you can be saved remember Jesus Christ loves you and he’s coming soon

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    OMG 7x1 still hurts 😥🤣

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    Matthew RoelandsUukausi sitten

    I know I'm not the only one that heard the Wilhelm scream at 8:22. Well played

  46. Miles Steele

    Miles SteeleUukausi sitten

    Yo Martin is such a bro lol

  47. Kai Nelust

    Kai Nelust2 kuukautta sitten

    The blond german guy was definitely by the German Army (Bundeswehr). I mean look how he stands everywhere like a good soldier

  48. Hassunibassuni Bassuni

    Hassunibassuni Bassuni2 kuukautta sitten

    How is that possible that a smart diving on highways its forbidden in Germany 😂

  49. Dangles

    Dangles2 kuukautta sitten

    who was filming at the end though

  50. Justin Robertson

    Justin Robertson2 kuukautta sitten

    Watching this for the first time in 2021. I've recently discovered Yes Theory and have been enjoying some random videos from your backlog. This one hit different though, after going through some life changing events in 2018, I decided 2019 would be the year I start to live my life differently. And, after never having left the U.S. I decided to go to another country, and in just a few weeks after deciding that, I booked a flight to Budapest and spent a week exploring the area. I had a bit more planning than this, of course. But it's nice to see others have a great and somewhat spontaneous moment in Budapest like I did. Keep it up guys, you are doing good work.

  51. Ryan Lau

    Ryan Lau2 kuukautta sitten

    I need my bromance so bad now

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    Most jacked 19 year old out there

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    Loved das Mumford und Sons!

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    Michał Derewońko2 kuukautta sitten

    If u ever go to the eastern side of Poland hit me up dudes, willing to throw the things and go

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    Sr. R2 kuukautta sitten

    Maaan, u guys should make more of those things in Brazil

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    If only a few more girls were part of YesTheory... ;) #me

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    One does not simply enter Saarbrücken

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    whish I Knew your channel back then:( I live in Budapest.

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    Bell4donn44 kuukautta sitten

    Hahaha I think it’s so funny that Saarbrücken is your „middle of nowhere“ haha poor people from Hessen

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    11:26 ma man got slap😂

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    The 7:1 sausage pack was honestly the best thing I've ever seen

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    Smart for four is such a cool car ... Makes me miss mine 😓

  85. junger Alterschwede

    junger Alterschwede4 kuukautta sitten

    I love your channel , to say yes is great if you can. i am addicted to painkillers (hard ones), so I would to get permission from my doctor and the law to get my pills for two weeks , so I can never do such adventures spontainly . im trying to get in to a klinik like Betty ford but Betty is to expensive and to get in the statekliniks is very very heavy. so I love your videos and am with you in my daydreams , please move on !

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