Exploring Dubai’s Empty $13 Billion Man-Made Islands

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The World Islands. A collection of 300 man-made islands built off the coast of Dubai to resemble an outline of the EARTH FROM THE SKY… Yet, after $13 billion was spent to complete them they’ve mostly been sitting there empty... I couldn’t believe this place actually existed.
So as a first stop on my trip I flew to Dubai to understand what happened and what their future holds… What are your thoughts? Amazing or too crazy of an idea?
Thank you to @MyDubai and @VisitDubai for helping us get in touch with the creators of these islands and for letting us go out to see the restricted areas.
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Editors: Thomas Dajer, Cam Peddle, Bryce Perry, Tristan Kevitch and Thomas Brag
Produced by Alex Sandstedt
Thank you to our amazing videographers that helped me shoot over the 2 separate trips we took!
Cory Martin on videography and drone: cory.s.martin
Bishoy on Drone: bikooig
Ali Amar on videography: r1se
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  1. Yes Theory

    Yes Theory3 kuukautta sitten

    Hey there, thank you for watching :) I've really missed making videos consistently so I'm very happy to be back. I'm sure this year has had so many ups and downs for all of you as well so I hope to share some positivity through these stories I've captured. This is the first one out of my trip and I've got plenty more coming your way. Let me know what you think in the comments and I'll see you again soon

  2. Brian Marshall

    Brian Marshall14 päivää sitten

    Thanks for the insight, looking forward to catching up on your other videos .

  3. coralmc 16

    coralmc 1616 päivää sitten

    You guys should really get on TED!!

  4. knottedthread

    knottedthread22 päivää sitten

    @Cookie Monster Thanks for this comment. I found this channel a few days ago and was watching some older videos, now watching this it just makes me feel so uncomfortable.

  5. Younghead

    Younghead24 päivää sitten

    Imagine that this guy traveled so many places and can’t even say Giro properly. I learned that when I was 8. 😂

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  9. Kenneth Arnold

    Kenneth Arnold12 tuntia sitten

    You: "I had no idea there were islands built out, out here." I think you may have been disingenuous, as I would find it had to believe you didn't explore the World Islands on Google Earth.

  10. iam_Feezee Music

    iam_Feezee Music18 tuntia sitten

    This is awesome didn't know this existed in Dubai.

  11. Awesome Stuff

    Awesome Stuff18 tuntia sitten

    *9:46** Bumboo Villa, Mallu Guy Spotted* 😄😄✌️

  12. Hammaad Bapu

    Hammaad BapuPäivä sitten

    If David dobrik went here it wouldn’t even be in the title of the vid

  13. Technical Rishy

    Technical RishyPäivä sitten

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  14. scumbag supreme

    scumbag supremePäivä sitten

    Damn Dubai is Rich

  15. Josh Z

    Josh ZPäivä sitten

    Those islands are slowly sinking back into the sea.

  16. Al Mazin

    Al MazinPäivä sitten

    This can change the future of our countries especially during global warming

  17. FGIP

    FGIPPäivä sitten

    What is that thing on the water at the middle left 7:14

  18. ben müller

    ben müllerPäivä sitten

    Why aren’t you commenting about how many slaves died building those islands?

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    is the entire yes theory crew all gay or what????

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    If he was a hot chick this would be the setup would be the start of a bad horror movie.

  23. VDH

    VDH2 päivää sitten

    who tf wanna live in that shith0le tbh....

  24. melloxmello

    melloxmello2 päivää sitten

    When I first saw the island my first thought was that's how the future is gonna look after all the continents sink

  25. Amber Kluga

    Amber Kluga2 päivää sitten

    "Seek Discomfort" and plug for low-impact organic merch... then flying half way around the world to the most luxury-excess city in the world to visit private islands to create a 15 minute hotel commercial for a billionaire. cute guy though

  26. Djeddozo

    Djeddozo2 päivää sitten

    "Nobody ever built or reclaimed islands the way we did. Nobody even tried". Flevoland: am I a joke to you?

  27. Rob Brunswick

    Rob Brunswick3 päivää sitten

    Where is the power coming from?

  28. Slinky Josh

    Slinky Josh3 päivää sitten

    These islands are going to be 10x as surreal when they're fully built out and then the sea level rises and covers them

  29. Silver Glen

    Silver Glen3 päivää sitten

    The are empty and will be empty for another 100 years. Don't worry how they done it? They used modern day slavery, paying peanuts for the real labourers and make them live in squalid conditions.

  30. Silver Glen

    Silver Glen3 päivää sitten

    They are in the process of making ghost islands. Well done guys, easy comes easy goes.

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    muslihat kedua3 päivää sitten

    the hotel is really gergeous!.

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    Actually they sit longer will help more of a solid ground to build on...much was for investors from Greece Turkey and US but due to economy

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    RonRon's World5 päivää sitten

    China built military islands.

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    What’s the chancellor’s name?

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  47. Owen T - FTFaB

    Owen T - FTFaB6 päivää sitten

    Go and spend some time in the labor camps of the workers used to build these islands. You’ll SEEK DISCOMFORT in a whole new level.

  48. Stefan Bachrodt

    Stefan Bachrodt7 päivää sitten

    The chairman is without doubt my kind of people, waste nothing. Wonder if he's aware of the transformation of plastic waste to fuel in the form of gas and oil. No need to ship it off then

  49. Nils

    Nils7 päivää sitten

    plot twist *when he leaves there like that will be $13Billion dollars*

  50. Nils

    Nils7 päivää sitten

    I would love to live on that island the villas were so nice

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    Rafael Collado8 päivää sitten

    how many sustainable shirts must you sell only to compensate for the huge carbon footprint you got moving to Dubai? (jet plane, motor boats, gyrocopter etc.....) your ecological disguise is simply ridiculous!

  57. John Sharman

    John Sharman8 päivää sitten

    Hi guys I started watching your vlogs at 0630 this morning and at 1240 I'm still watching. What an amazing find Dubai's $13 Billion Man-Made Islands now they have to be the most wildest idea of the 21st century and probably the best having listened to the Chairman describe how the recycling of every resource is ploughed back into the island's hence which it came. Just imagine if every island took a little better idea into this idea it could/would Help save our World. Another enjoyable vlog of yours sincerely enjoyed. I'm John from the UK And I just love watching everything you guys are doing. 👌👍😁

  58. Tommie Ragsdale

    Tommie Ragsdale9 päivää sitten

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    Dylan Hummel9 päivää sitten

    You’re just trying to profit off this

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  61. Dianna Hemmings

    Dianna Hemmings9 päivää sitten

    The hypocrisy in these comments is astounding. Did y'all want him to swim from venice to Dubai? Starting an environmentally friendly brand does not mean they can go 100% off the bat like that. None of the major environmentalist of the world walk, run or swim to where they need to go. Use common sense. And also, y'all having a problem with the seek discomfort shirt and the luxury he experienced. Y'all gonna hate a guy for wearing his own merch? Furthermore, did that title sound like discomfort?? Go watch some of the old vids if you wanna see real discomfort or stfu. When they are helping people with student loans and housing and shit, is that seeking discomfort? Stop blowing shit outta proportion.

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    Great topic. Always wondered what became of that project?

  63. Lisa Hoffer

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    But Billy goat Gates said there needs to be a depopulation because theres no room now for all these people

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  75. Rob Deso

    Rob Deso10 päivää sitten

    It’s pretty obvious why they’re empty, just look at the abandon cars in the airport and research why they were abandoned.

  76. Anton Krupski

    Anton Krupski10 päivää sitten

    So no Word about the source of electricity or the impact on the environment

  77. Bbadass

    Bbadass10 päivää sitten

    COVID-19 is a LIE!!

  78. Bbadass

    Bbadass10 päivää sitten

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  80. Hristina Trajkovska Trajkovska

    Hristina Trajkovska Trajkovska11 päivää sitten

    Just 20 minutes ago I watched documentary about Republic of Kiribati (an island) and how that big Island disappears under the water from climate change. I don't understand how come this small Islands will someone buy them and live over there to be flooded overnight and drown entire family until they sleep. Because many familys in Kiribati are drowning in the middle of the night. Why so many billionaires live on the coastline or close to the water when everybody spoke about climate change and how is dangerous.


    OLERMO CH11 päivää sitten

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    gotany111 päivää sitten

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  83. IQ Logic

    IQ Logic11 päivää sitten

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  84. Drake

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    The islands being built are ALMOST as confusing as when Rose decided to not share the enormous door she was on with Jack and let him die. I'll never get over Rose's lack of action.

  85. Hainero2001

    Hainero200111 päivää sitten

    All the "sustainability" is all well and good. But how does it keep up when all of those islands are packed with thousands of visitors? It's a sincere question. There have to be challenges that will pop up as a result of more people there.

  86. Deplorable Dave

    Deplorable Dave12 päivää sitten

    Dubai knows how to build NICE looking edifices!

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    joe daccache12 päivää sitten

    Even lebanon island was always lit and partying and now its devastated 💔🇱🇧

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  92. Wingborg

    Wingborg12 päivää sitten

    Dubai uses slave labor

  93. Jessi Brader

    Jessi Brader12 päivää sitten

    This is so wrong on so many levels..horrible for the environment and such a waste of money when there’s people starving

  94. loren salazar

    loren salazar12 päivää sitten

    An arrogant, monumental building & engineering failure of epic proportions. Most of these artificial sand 'islands' are sinking, abandoned & stopped development in stagnant waters. ~ When the gas runs dry, so will Dubai. .

  95. Tinship

    Tinship13 päivää sitten

    The lack of mask wearing is disturbing. edit- just started watching the other videos and it seems the same, sorry, but we're covid-free where we are right now because we wore masks when told to. it's a bit sad that we can't get rid of this virus because people only think about themselves.

  96. AY Evans

    AY Evans13 päivää sitten

    This seems like a backdoor effort (Dubai-sponsored infomercial)to regenerate interest in investing in those sand masses. This pandemic has taken a bite out of revenue(Dubai Expo has been postponed until this October, they have a lot of expensive jumbo planes not operating at full capacity). Gotta get that 13 billion back some kind of way.

  97. Jade S

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  101. Sa Ah

    Sa Ah13 päivää sitten

    Reminds me of the 1400 year old prophecy of Muhammad (saas) when he was asked when Judgment Day would happen and he replied ".. when you see (the descendents of formerly impoverished shepherds) barefoot, naked, destitute shepherds competing in constructing tall buildings." 😳 These are vanity projects heralding the final days

  102. Sa Ah

    Sa Ah13 päivää sitten

    Reminds me of the 1400 year old prophecy of Muhammad (saas) when he was asked when Judgment Day would happen and he replied ".. when you see (the descendents of formerly impoverished shepherds) barefoot, naked, destitute shepherds competing in constructing tall buildings." 😳 These are vanity projects heralding the final days

  103. Moaiad Aljamal

    Moaiad Aljamal14 päivää sitten

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  104. Drathgore

    Drathgore2 päivää sitten

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  105. Captain Bob Hartzell

    Captain Bob Hartzell10 päivää sitten

    100 years later they add 6 inches of sand to mitigate the 2 inch sea level rise...

  106. Satevo

    Satevo14 päivää sitten

    How much did they pay you for this little piece of propaganda? Ain't being a fake ass influencer great!!!

  107. Satevo

    Satevo14 päivää sitten

    Nothing makes me happier than fossil fuel capitalists failing miserably, especially when they destroy their own environment for their own greedy short term gains. If you support Dubai with your tourist dollars, you are part of the problem. Power to the People. Peace.

  108. KingIntox

    KingIntox12 päivää sitten

    Yeah except in like a decade or 2 this place is going to have made back everything they spent on it, if not more

  109. lee jones

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