Exploring the $200,000,000 Abandoned Disney Castle Village (530 Castles)

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As Thomas is still trying to figure his way back to the US... He stopped in Turkey and found these $200,000,000 abandoned Disney-like castles in the countryside of Turkey... Such a strange sight and to go explore it, he brought 2 subscribers along for the adventure.
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    Teresa DavinoTunti sitten

    What an absolute waste of money time and effort, they should just fell off as cheap as possible so someone else can finish the work, instead of holding on to it and letting it rot from being abandoned. A lot of rich people are very stupid with money.

  9. Zeetana1

    Zeetana1Tunti sitten

    It's sad, because they are so beautiful. I wish they still made buildings like these, instead here all they build is modern square glasshouses and other boring sh**

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    The Turkish Gov should repurpose this housing for the poor and complete it

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    Let me get this straight. There are homeless people, refugees, people needing help in the world and then there are those places? Full of empty housing and opportunities for development. And no one is doing anything about it. How?

  21. Ni Bic

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    How did you get the air shots of the castles? Were they taken via. helicopter? 🧐

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    I live in there, so let me tell you a little somethings about this. They destroyed an ENTIRE FOREST just so they could sell these to the rich (preferebly Arabs) and as you can see it is the most hideous thing you can ever see. The one in charge of this says that the people of Mudurnu is strictly against the whole project because of the media, but we never wanted this in the first hand. As both an architecture student and a resident I really don't know how this project would be recycled. I'm deeply sad that this exists, because it damages the cultural texture and the wildlife of the area. It is no fantasy, it is just a nightmare.

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