Free Child - Yes Theory Short Film With Google

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VISION BY: Ammar Kandil & Kate Ward
WRITTEN & DIRECTED BY: Taylor Jenisch & Mads Beier [ burning.boat]
COMPOSED BY: Bennett Jenisch & Moth Vegas []
GRAPHIC DESIGN BY: Anton Darri Pálmarsson
ADDITIONAL THANKS TO: Waqas Naveed, volca123, Robin Watson, RJ Alli for Egypt footage and my dear friend Imen Haddad for the South Africa footage.
Photography by: Eleshwa Fahmy (@visionsofele)
Hello friends,
What a journey it's been to get here!! From leaving Egypt exactly 10 years ago, this month, to almost dying a month ago in a car accident. This film is about the journey in between and the massive role the internet played in my life. I dedicate this film to the free child in each of us to dream the biggest and wildest we can.
And on a personal note, thank you to every single person who saw me, loved me and challenged me along the journey.
All my love,
Hey Guys,
Burning Boat here! We couldn’t be more grateful for being given the opportunity to work on another Yes Theory project and especially one so personal to Ammar. Tomorrow we're releasing a super interesting in-depth podcast, featuring Ammar, about the process of making this film, so stay tuned for that! A huge thanks to everyone who helped make this project a reality!
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    Michelle Reeves19 tuntia sitten

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  3. Robbie Petrov

    Robbie PetrovPäivä sitten

    What an amazing video. To see people that have suffered and endured so much at such a young age, being so positive, generous and friendly truly leaves me speechless. Thank you for sharing this different outlook and I really hope the situation there changes in the future, as these beautiful people deserve so much better.

  4. ranveer aujla

    ranveer aujlaPäivä sitten

    One of best things ive seen in my life!

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    Thank you youtube for giving us a lot of video. Yes theory, I love you so much. I'm crying watching this.

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    Meryem LahbaraPäivä sitten

    I start watching this on my work break .. than start tearing up ... so i stopped .. don't want to go back to work with red eyes ...

  8. Robi Nyangi

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    RBRASHY3 päivää sitten

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  10. Neelanjana Khan

    Neelanjana Khan3 päivää sitten

    Today I faced a very hard moment of my life and my family made me feel down and bad in a very complicated level. i neve thought i will ever have to relate to Ammar like this. 17 is not old enough to do the things Ammar did. tings happened that made me feel why did i have to want such opposite things, wouldn"t it have been less complicated if i was not like myself? but i am myseelf and i want to live my life to the fullest. THANK YOU AMMAR, THANK YOU YES THEORY.

  11. PiankyVlogs

    PiankyVlogs3 päivää sitten

    That's the most inspired story I've ever seen, and to Ammar as a we are the same nationality I know exactly what you been through, I know exactly how it affected on you, how much desperation and negative energy puts on you, I was so happy at the end of video for you had overcome the despair, without an envy i consider you lucky to have such supportive friends who's never give up on you, Unfortunately I'm at the exactly same situation as you at the step that when you got lost, the only difference here is i got no friends to give me the support. Actually I'm blaming nobody but my self, I'm the one chooses to leave Egypt and go to live in Thailand so its ended up without my friends or the ability to even make a new friendships in here. God bless and your friends i wish to you guys always being happy and together forever.

  12. Melissa Bobea 2021

    Melissa Bobea 20213 päivää sitten

    Every single video is so inspiring

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  14. Projekt_Elevated

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    I love this film so much that it's so amazing to hear Ammar's story and I really wish to see him again in person someday. BTW I really hate to ask this but what was the ending song, it sounds so good that I just want to listen to it over and over again I really want to know what that song is. Anyways Ammar I hope you are doing well especially at these current times

  15. Alex Clinton

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    Words can't describe how beautiful this is, may everyone at yes theory and its followers accomplish all their dreams. You are and will continue to inspire many generations to seek discomfort and change the world. I will meet you someday, trust me ;)

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    "Be who you are, and walk freely!" Did someone felt it too?

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    Voyage Stories by jowhar Mahamood9 päivää sitten

    I love it , you inspired me a lot , I am still fighting with these problems, I hope I will win this life war . thank you guys for inspiring so much. I spent 6 years in a strange country alone with out knowing their language and people, you guys are very lucky to have this friendship, I wish I have one, with so much love. jowhar from India

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    You’re amazing brother, thank you so much for this.

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    I only found out about your existence a week ago and I already cannot leave you anymore. I think you have this gift, to connect. You are the point of connection. I am a cellist and I so much aspire to develop this gift you were born with. My days became so much more happy and full of hope since I heard you speaking your learned about your existence. I now dream of meeting you and thank you for letting me connect with you by telling me (us) your story. I are very much loved and appreciated and I can only wish to be alive to witness and hopefully become part of this city of yours


    REALME 2PRO15 päivää sitten

    Ammar I'm just unknown person but I know that deep down your Dad Loves You more than anything. If he wrote to you like that, that means he's only comfort and love you more than anyone at your family, that is why wrote to you like that not that he hates you but he *loves you* the most. Until now he still misses you, but deep down he's also cheering for you and take this as a stepping stone in your life. God blessed and make things happen, make yourself happy and make more than a dad proud son... And last but not the least... Love you Yes Theory...❤️ Just to let you know I subscribed *today 16-February-2021* your Channel because of Dalai Lama and also because of guys and also that I adore from his smile Ammar love you brother❤️🙏❤️.

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    Wow this is rly inspiring and I think your a rly neat guy with a rly cool story and life and I want to say that while your life might be great rn nothing on this earth is eternal except for the Love of Jesus Christ and if you except his gift of death on a cross for the washing of your sins then you can be with him for eternity in his love.

  51. Yogita Chauahn

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    I am going through the very similar situation here right now and I choosed the totally different path just because I do not have the power in this 1 year I searched all these things... "how to heal depression" "how to love myself" "how can I go against the will of my father and family" and when the things were not going the way I wanted I searched this... "how to break ties with family" there are soo many restrictions and I am still finding a way to overcome them. Seriously you have to go through soo many things when you do not get the support which you need and from where you need. I am still 17 and have a long way to go but I still hope that my future to be how I want it to be. I totally understand this VIDEO. Though it won't be of much help but still,..... Amar and the family of YES THEORY I wish to god that you all always stay together and share the important moments in life and go a very very long way. I also wish to god that Amar daa ("daa" means brother in Hindi)to reconcile with is father. wish you a good luck!

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    After watching this video, I remembered my case, but it is nothing compared to the case of Ammar, but I learned a lesson from this. In 2018, on May 25, I had my birthday, I was doing an industrial practice in another city and they let me go early, they only told me to take the parcel to one place. After I delivered the package, I wanted to cross the road, there was a green light, but ... I was hit by a car. I did not feel pain, the blow was not strong and I "flew" a short distance, but those seconds that I felt when I fell ... my eyes were like a camera lens (as if this was not happening to me, but in some film) , my body was light instantly and I fell on my side. They wanted to take me to the traumatology department, but I refused, the man who was in the car took me, he himself was in shock. Bottom line: I remembered this small incident, and I am really grateful that I am alive. 😅😌

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