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This was a wild adventure we went on at the beginning of the year. It was a crazy shot in the dark and we never thought it would work as well as it did... Until the world shut down. Watch to see the surprising outcome at the end 🙏
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    Hey y’all, thanks for watching! We’re excited to be slowly starting to post again. Big news here: Seeker Day is dropping on Thursday July 30th 🔥 30% off our all-time best sellers to celebrate 5 years of Yes Theory... Get ready!! 🙏

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    Figured yes theory wouldn’t be reading this. But I’ve been making music for 4 years now and I feel like I have something going I just need help getting out there more. I would love to learn from Yes Theory and maybe make a vid surrounding unknown people with talent. Cause we all want to share what we make. But I can’t reach the audience that is needed to take it further

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    they just gonna throw him around tbh

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    Hey, Yes Theory Fam! Sorry for bothering. I am 18 years old and I am in a big trouble. The thing is that my girlfirend just moved to Delft in order to study and we got into a really big fight/argument last night. I can't send her flowers because i am 2000kms away. Can you please help me? Also I live in Romania. I use paypal/revolut. @sirmariusbichir on instagram

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    I swear every video title I think would be "stupid" from yes theory is some of the best content.. 😂 I guess I'm stupid..

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    alternative title: Ammar gets shat on by the editor

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    "Gaming, digital marketing.... and fashion" Damn 100T really cant shake their hoodie selling - image 🤣

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    Hi Yes Theory! I loved watching this video when it came out and tons of your other videos. I am a world traveler and try to spend time with strangers as often as I can. Right now I am trying to get my sister (@homeyg) a Gymshark sponsorship or shoutout for her birthday and it reminded me of this video. Thank you for being crazy amazing at what you do!

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    I’ve recently started a weekly photography competition channel and would love to get more people involved! Free to join all for fun (and competition) would love to see what you’ve all got! All I ask is that you take a peek at my channel! Thank you so much everyone!

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    The best part was the head of youtube gaming said he'd hire him as soon as his internship was over. Truly incredible. Congratulations Ivan

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    Thank you guys so much for creating such amazing inspirational content. I've been in a slump for a few years and have been trying to get myself sorted to the point to where it had become difficult to enjoy life. I happened upon your channel a year ago while cruising around for something to get reoriented and to decide what direction I want to take for myself. After watching this video I've started looking into going back to school after swearing that I would never do it again so that I can build the background knowledge that I will need to pursue my next interest in life. I can't wait until the world has been safely reopened so that more days will be seized, more chances can be taken, and so that I can honestly say that I love myself. Kinda mushy, but you get the idea. You guys changed my life by embracing yours. Thank you

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