I Let A 5-Year-Old Control My First Date!!

Matt let a 5-year-old decide everything he was going to have to do on his blind date... This is what happened...
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    What's your favorite first date ideas? 🤔(just asking for a friend)

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    CULLOBSIDAN6 päivää sitten

    Small family ❤️

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    children naturally embody so well the balanced masculine and feminine. Amazing idea and video thank you for this!!

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    Ammar and Bárbara Mori are identical twins . Change my mind


    RAYNER JIMENEZUukausi sitten

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  15. Mimi Cab

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    Great ideas from Parker, but I would have liked it more had it been just Sage all through out.

  16. marembo julian

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    You know it's going to be nuts when the kid says 'glittery clothes'

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    Seams like a family vacation 😂

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    i like the video as soon as i see Matt listening to an audible book

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    this really looked like their kid the entire time LOL

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