I Made It For 3 Seconds in Will Smith's New Movie (Bad Boys For Life)

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Thank you Will for bringing us onto the set and letting Thomas cross a huge item off the bucket list. Also, a big shout out to the directors of Bad Boys For Life, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah for being such great sports. We had a blast.
...And yes, Thomas is now convinced he is a famous Hollywood actor.
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Bonus thank you to Aidan Tanner for help filming this


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    😅❤️🧲 and also ofcourse, only rich people get connected to famous people. How i wish i can be part of any of that. even jobs like cleaning the set after thy finished filming, i been chasing my Hollywood dreams since i got to LA. From Philippines. I dint know anyone thats why i cant connect 🥲

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    @Hamse no :D

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    How many people can say I was at the shoot of Bad boys, bhend the scenes, in the film and got to meet Will Smith. Proud of you boys. My goal to meet Will Smith just got bigger!

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    You guys are going places

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    Matts face being squished is everything

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    Rewatching for the 5th time .. so good 👏

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    4:39 Matty fuckin smokes

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    Who is watching this in 2021?!..!?.??!

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    “He is the cake”

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    Lool i love his scene in his cousins movie

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    The funniest yes theory video I’ve ever seen! Made my day😂

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    3:10 had me laughing so hard lmao

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    The last time when you guys wanted to do something with will also rained. #RAINBRINGERS

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    Man August 11th is my bday

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    Congrats, your back was in the movie for half a second

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    Isn't there some hell obscure law about movies where if you say anything over X amount of words you need to be in the actors association and need to be credited or something?

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    when u turn into cake but the camera man eats u

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    Looking for the "haha" button for winning the Oscar's as the best cake boy. hahahaha

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    THIS IS SOO COOL !!!!! what a dream

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    Thomas the cake boy

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    ahahahaahahahahahah i die laffing so much

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    Wow, it's so cool to see one of the directors came from Belgium!

  36. TrekStarLogic

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    "He's delivering the sh*t out of that cake" - Best Will Smith Quote

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    “Cake boy” 😂

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    Will smith is so kind!

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    “Wait did his mom pay us this month”🤣

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    my greatest achievement is to have a convo with will smith🧍🏽

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    Thomas is cake

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    Did you get into the Movie

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    I love how he was treated as if he was will smith even tho he only appeared for 3 seconds in a movie lol

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    They are all so casual😂😂😂😍😍

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    Was I the only counting how many times they said the F word

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    I honestly LOVE how humble will smith is.

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    Title fix: I made it into Will Smith's New Movie for 3 seconds..

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    Me today watching bad boys and realizing his scene got cut out

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    I've seen Bad Boys 4 Life and the ending of the Movie was awesome I ain't spoiling anything but It was awesome

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    You meet one of the most famous actor's In the entire world and you seem to purposely make it awkward

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    @Ashley Marie oh I thought he met will Smith and asked for a part in a movie, clears some things up

  66. Ashley Marie

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    they are friends

  67. Linus Helander

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    when will smith is thaling i just think its acting


    AKS BEAUTY26 päivää sitten

    So your telling me ... I could have gone to that park and see will smith ... smh only if I knew they were filming lol

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    You look like a budget Ryan gosling

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    My mum had 3 bartenders at her 50th birthday ages ago and they all wore the same shirt Thomas is wearing ahahah

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    23:43 is the part in the movie when he comes in “on amazon prime”

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    If anyone's seeing this late and looking for the scene, it's at 23:54 in the movie. In case there are differences in the time stamp based on what service you're watching on, my time stamp is for the amazon version, the one that's included with STARZ

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    And you hear the director yell "CAT"

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    He stayed at SLS hotel in Miami, I also Live in Miami LOL

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    10:29 when my uncle comes home

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    I'm scrolling the comment on this video while watch the actual movie. 1 minute of scrolling and found that Thomas scene got cut : Alright movie is done, not gonna even watch till the end🥱🖐

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