I Took My Pizza Delivery Guy Around the World

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This week, Matt and Thomas ordered pizza and asked the delivery driver if they had a passport. If the answer was yes, then they asked them what their dream destination is...and actually went.
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    “Do you have a passport?” That sounds really sketchy...........

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    Pizza guy: *sees Yes Theory* My day is about to get awesome.

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    Man, if i got the chance. I would really love to travel in Mediterranean

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    I live in Alberta Canada and after seeing this video thought of the idea and I highly recommend you guys take the trip. Especially to the Rocky's.

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    its videos like yours like this one that just make me smile the whole time. good job guy keep it up :)

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    Love you, Yes Theory. Your journeys, your works are really good and fascinating. Whenever I feel lonely, or become too much emotional for my most loved ones, who lives many kilometres away from my house, I just watch your videos, they just fill my mind with joy and teaches that if you are determined to get your loved ones or something you have aimed, you will definitely get them. ❤

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    We need to see more videos with JP. What a fun trip

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    5:39 Tomas really had to say WATER boat as if we don’t know what a boat is 😂😂

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    Hold me accountable... I have crazy opportunistic passions that I need to pursue but i'm just too nervous and I don't know how to overcome that nervousness

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    People are touching each other. No masks? Da hell is going on?

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    This video was made in 2019

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    I was there 2 years before u and it was so fcking beautiful

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    Venice is pure magic, it's like the air literally feels electric

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    Love your channel and everything you guys do. Can you please refrain from using the Lords name in vain though please? He’s our Creator and King. Not a curse word. Thank you 🙏 😊

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    You fill every day of my life with positivity and energy, boosting my happiness in such a crazy moment right now, I couldn't be more happy to have seen your first video last week, and every second I watch your videos is just pure joy!

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    6:03 I'll never say someone is "bad" at something;especially if it's their passion. But I hope JP got some photography tips from Thomas, because JP has amazing room for growth. However, he did take one good picture at 6:26

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    5:35 "So we're taking a water boat to get to Venice". as opposed to the sky boat they took to get to Italy and the land boat they took to the airport.

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    After decades of being terrified to fly I had finally made plans to fly to the UK. We were leaving in March 2020. It turned out to be the day the EU closed its borders thanks to COVID. Our flight was supposed to land in Amsterdam. So, thanks to COVID, me finally taking that step out of my comfort zone was slapped away. I've since had to use the money I'd saved for my trip just to be able to survive lock downs and quarantines.🤷

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  114. Adam Druett

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