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For Ammar's 25th birthday, he decided to live like it was his last 24 hours alive. Ammar's biggest dream has been to bring all of his friends that he's made over the years together in one place. So he decided to give his friends all over the world a call to see if they would join him for one of the most unforgettable days of his life...
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  1. Yes Theory

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    Don't miss season 9 of Seek Discomfort. Out now for 72hrs!

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    Pro tip : you can watch it on Me and my gf have been using them for watching a lot of movies lately.

  3. smore

    smore4 kuukautta sitten

    Is there an episode of his mom

  4. ai-leen Angkaya

    ai-leen Angkaya6 kuukautta sitten

    I love you ammar. 😊

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    @Josh Graikoski m. I been a been a been a been a lo Pppp lmmzhm lmmzhm lmmzhm lmmzhm has has. Filh Is I I like. If If no Bh K. Pppp Li🔋👀👌🌶️😏🚙☕👀😏😏👂👀😏😏🙂🚙👀😏🌶️☕👂👀😏😏👂👀😏😏👂👀😏😏👂😏🙂🐕🙌🏡👀H

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    Kpp J Lpl Lpl Lpl is a hh That p

  7. Wondrous Soul

    Wondrous Soul48 minuuttia sitten

    I always want to do these all. But money matters

  8. Christian Poynter

    Christian Poynter56 minuuttia sitten

    Just watching this for the first time spring of 2021. Especially after a year of it being really difficult to make/maintain connections, this really warms my heart. Especially now that things are starting to go back to normal, it's videos and stories like this that really encourage me to go back into the world with a renewed enthusiasm and a focus on friendship.

  9. Mr. Positive1

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  10. Devansh Gajra

    Devansh GajraPäivä sitten

    He Completed His Mum's Dream ❤️

  11. Jazp DJ

    Jazp DJ2 päivää sitten

    Ammar making me cry so much with his birthday speech

  12. The Diligent Gamer

    The Diligent Gamer2 päivää sitten

    I'm not crying, your crying

  13. Merlyn Furo

    Merlyn Furo2 päivää sitten

    God bless you Yes theory fam! You have no idea how you're rekindling pieces by pieces all passion and motivation in me after binge watching random episodes sinceI watched one episode. It's a ride to laugh, cry, fear, and freak out but it's worth it and it helps me get though this tough times. Thank you so much! 💞

  14. ANewPhenom

    ANewPhenom3 päivää sitten

    If only it was as easy as you make it seam... discomfort is just part of life for some people.

  15. Fakhre Alam Taj

    Fakhre Alam Taj3 päivää sitten

    These Guys are just incredible, they made an impact on the way I used to look at life. Thank you so much Yes Theory for trying to bring the best out of everyone with the motto of SEEK DISCOMFORT! I just love the concept

  16. VETO Vibez

    VETO Vibez3 päivää sitten

    I don’t know if you’ll see this Ammar but my 21st birthday is coming up on June 18th and I was wondering if you would help me go skydiving for my first time and I noticed you usually go out of skydive Elsinore and I just so happen to live down the street from there. I would pay for my own ticket but I would like you to be there and help me make that jump in seeking discomfort.

  17. Rozay Bootay

    Rozay Bootay3 päivää sitten

    Seen this video twice. Love this

  18. Miss keisha

    Miss keisha3 päivää sitten

    I hope my heart will be as open and honest as Ammar’s one day :)

  19. ArRiE46BlAckOuT 360

    ArRiE46BlAckOuT 3603 päivää sitten

    This video might be a year old but still reaching people all over the world. I'm so glad you made this one Yes Theory. This video lets a person realize thatyou have to reach out when struggling

  20. David Whittaker

    David Whittaker4 päivää sitten

    Daddy's money 😉

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    Gosh, the tears...

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    Ashish Kumar5 päivää sitten

    "Agar tera dost plane se koodega to tu bhi koodega kya?"

  23. P P

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    I love this video but when they were meditating they looked like they were in a cult or something and I can’t stop laughing

  24. Gabriel Diaz Perez

    Gabriel Diaz Perez8 päivää sitten

    I think I Cried like 8 times while watching the video

  25. Amr Hussein

    Amr Hussein8 päivää sitten

    You made me so emotional, i reached the end of the video with tears in my eyes. Being numb for a long time in a denial state. Thank you.

  26. Amr Hussein

    Amr Hussein8 päivää sitten

    It's been my ultimate wish to ski dive, would be amazing to join you to a jump

  27. Dinesh G

    Dinesh G8 päivää sitten

    12:05 he needs joint

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    Aashir TV10 päivää sitten

    Wshi could be with Ammar

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    Victor Ferrari Alvarez11 päivää sitten

    best channel guys.....let share this message ...cmon

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    I’m here like I can barely synchronize hanging out with my friends then I remember they don’t have kids lolol

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    "I thought it was a barbecue"😂😂

  32. Emanuel Crabtree

    Emanuel Crabtree13 päivää sitten

    I know what I would do for my last 24 hours and it would be to England with my son to meet my mom's family that I would probably never meet unless I had help I love you guys #yesthreory

  33. Sal

    Sal11 päivää sitten

    Sick man, love that

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    I'm so jelly

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    The modern layer ectrodactyly tire because index firstly satisfy into a bitter laundry. second-hand, impartial hot

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    Please dont stop you inspire me to keep trying.

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    I love.

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    Over 2,000 people gave this video ... a thumbs down? What is wrong with people, seeing something this positive and joyful, then taking the step to click the thumbs down button? Makes no sense. Great vid tho, thanks YT for sharing.

  40. Sal

    Sal11 päivää sitten

    When you're balling your eyes out the buttons must look alike.

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    Could be by mistake, that’s what think about it!

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    Ammars a fkn expert at sky diving!

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    Imagine having friends like this

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    Somehow your videos ALWAYS have me smiling the whole time 😁

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    LA is not a great place to live, but it is a great place to visit

  52. reese g

    reese g23 päivää sitten

    I seeked discomfort yesterday. I went skiing for the first time in 6 years with no preparation whatsoever. My mom said do u wanna ski tmr? I said yes and so I got up the next morning at 7 and had the greatest day ever☺️🤍

  53. Amigo Mukherjee

    Amigo Mukherjee24 päivää sitten

    Ahh man I am just overwhelmed with the video. Amazing Ammar❤️❤️ love you dude

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    0:12 felt like I was watching a stobe the hobo video with the piano intro, RIP.

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    It’s funny whenever they see Derin they always bring up the fact he is bald😂

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    I would want to be in one of the most peaceful places in the world and just enjoy the last 24 hours but skydiving would be a must I have wanted to do that for years if I could go skydiving tomorrow I would be like hell yeah

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    “And then we killed him”

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    I’ve been struggling with life threatening health issues for the past two years- I have started a group similar to Yes Theory based in my need to walk every day in order to strengthen my heart- it’s called “The Next Step “ - every one has something that they are working on and we all support each other! You guys should somehow find some way for us to open a “Chapter” of Yes Theory in our area! I would totally change the name of my group to “Yes Theory, Warner Robins Georgia Chapter” !

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    I am crying so hard at the and.. I am struggling with my life soo hard. Wish had some friends like them

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    Ammar is definitely everyone's favourite, he goes through the toughest challenges, so unique, loves everyone, up to everything, and knows HOW TO SKY DIVE 💀

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    Can we just talk about the dedication of the camera man to film Ammar while he jumped out of a plane and continued to keep the camera steady?

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  79. MassiveRPTV

    MassiveRPTVUukausi sitten

    now this is something i would love to try, just wish i had friends and money to do something this crazy, thank you for giving me the experience of skydiving

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    Jessica FreemanUukausi sitten

    I wish I was y’all’s friend I need some friends like all of y’all thanks for being awesome and letting everyone see there is still a lot of good in this messed up world.. love you guys keep it up... 🤗

  81. Nuclear Sider

    Nuclear SiderUukausi sitten

    Damn bro, they forgot to thank the bus driver.

  82. Sara Johnson

    Sara JohnsonUukausi sitten

    Ammar truly is a brave individual with a heart of Gold. I know he has been through some dark times in life but his positivity, courage, strength and drive are truly inspiring. Ammar you deserve the absolute best in life!!

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    wow. you guys never fail to make me cry and inspire me, I dream one day I could get the chance to meet you cause you have really changed my life. thank you from the bottom of my soul

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    Looking at the thumbnail and title, I thought this video was going to be all about experiencing some crazy hedonistic pleasures like gold leaf wagyu sushi and the finest wine. Yet Ammar spent almost all the money on his friends, family, and even a stranger's scholarship. This was one of the most inspiring videos I've ever seen.

  87. Mahirah

    MahirahUukausi sitten

    This is *a year* late, but the moment (17:40) when ammar said to his mom "I transferred the money..." - I burst into tears 😭😭😭 MasyaaAllah that was the most noble and the best thing to do! I remembered a story of Uwais Al-Qarni who brought his mother to perform Hajj @ Mecca. Ammar, may Allah grant you ✨jannah✨ for what you have done to your mother ♥️

  88. John Sharman

    John SharmanUukausi sitten

    Happy 25th birthday Ammar and A big thank you to all your lovely friends who jumped out of that Airplane you guys have got some balls WoW what a wonderful birthday Gift having those most dear to you risking their lives They must love you sooo much. ♥️👌👍🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊

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    man, it broke me in tears when you broke the news to your mum, god bless Ammar and yes theroy family.

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    Amar is a bad ass he did the jump alone " yes theory" is the most amazing people i have ever seen in my live, though i havn't met u guys in person or any one of you in the community i feel so connected you guys made me realise the world would be a better place if we started to say """"""YES"""""""" ,though i havn't been able to do any thing for " yes community" i am very much looking forward to contribute my part by buying ""YES Merch""" as soon as i can if i can buy it ,But i am 100% sure that i am gonna seek out to the world and i will ""Seek discomfort""in every possible way like you guys i am also a true beliver of opportunities and a better world with a lovinv people my biggest dreams are to join u guys on an adventure ...... lobe you guys from indiaaaa🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥲and on behalf of "YES theory" i promise that i will do as good things as i can to this world and always willing to help any one .....IF you guys or the community need any help from me i will 100% do what i can i will always be there for you guys, looking forward to meet you guys in the future.... ....... .....

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    Jesus loves you so much that he died for your sins so that you could have eternal life

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