Reuniting a Family After Year Long Separation

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    Please visit pakistan known for its hospitality and tourism and food lover's and currently to promote tourism. Our prime minister introduce e-visa to explore the country 💕💕 welcome


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    @Anup Gaire NEPAL, I would love to see the mountains there

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    guys please come to NEPAL

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    "we lost our houses" lmfao how many do you need 12:53

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    This is Matt’s last episode hosting before that announcement. I am not crying, you are 😭😭

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    Hey hey Hey please please please come to India again and this time not only Thomas each one of you amaar and all please can msg me on my Instagram if interested...I swear I will show you guys soo many places plzplz and it is my dream to meet you guys please reply

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    Watched that intro four times and still felt chills rushing through me mehnnn that's powerful production.

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    Have spent 19yrs without seeing mom but i know we will meet some day..she’s in the uk and I’m in 🇺🇬

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    As someone who lost his mom I feel him 🥺.

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    it's sad that Matt won't be in the videos anymore and this was his last video I wish him luck for his next chapter in his life✌️

  34. Cadrs

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    y'all are the best. You've taught me over the few years that I've watched that the people around me are what's most important in life. I used to hang out in my room sometimes while my loved ones are playing card games... but I've changed because of you guys. I have realized that they might not be around forever, and I will always regret it if I don't spend quality time with them. Thank you

  35. Cadrs

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    this is so wholesome

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  40. Cody Stephens

    Cody Stephens5 päivää sitten

    I didnt want to watch this, in my head I was like ok this isnt going to be a good yes theory video. Who wants to watch a family get "reunited".. haha well I loved it and no matter what you guys always turn everything into something.. negative into positive. Wow ❤❤

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    7:16 ? lol

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    this is cool and all.. but perhaps could've used this money or exposure to actually help someone who needs it. So many people in the US struggling, no house, no anything!

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    What a wonderful thing that you do to make a family get back to normality and Make them sooo happy to be together again if only for a BRIEF time I'm sure you will have made something special thanks for your vlogs and kindness you show to the World And putting back a special to show Humanity is still out there.

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