Saving a Business From Going Bankrupt

Our April Collection is now live for 72hrs:
Thank you to all of the amazing business owners who wrote to us, we hope you all find your paths and that we can continue finding ways to help.
Seek Discomfort commercial by Burning Boat
Composer Bennett Jenisch,
Stop Motion Animation by Brickbrosproductions,
Pixel Art Design by diconcilio,
VO by laithchazz,
Production assistant: Dario Napoli
Good news: Seek Discomfort has now donated over 250,000 meals and 6,500 masks and there's plenty more coming.
Sending love to all of those affected by everything that's happening and to all the healthcare workers in the front lines.
Amazing job to the Mads and Taylor from Burning Boat, truly amazing to have worked with these guys:
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    @Doglover j7 pls just shutup and stay off the comment section from now on. your like 7 years old.


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    Guys you said ur doing an impossible things so if u can do this ur the goat for me.can you make or set up 1direction member to reunite? This can help people to reunite too because lot of people love them

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    lol. at 4:24 you can tell its a fake zoom call. 1 participant?

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  20. Robbie Omahony

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  28. Margaret Baldwin

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    it’s funny how so many ppl can criticize these guys for trying to help a failing business while the commenters are doing absolutely nothing themselves. and by funny i mean sad. if you want to come for people, come for the ones that aren’t helping at all. yes theory’s content is eye opening and meaningful. how about attacking the youtubers that spend all their time streaming video games? i guarantee they’re not struggling during quarantine. tldr: mind your own business and stop coming after people who don’t deserve it just so you can feel better about being an “activist”.

  29. Matthew Waldman

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    i hope you are doing fine. it feels very fresh keeping my eyes of you guys. you act like a superfood smoothie to my brain. keep it up!

  32. ScapularBore

    ScapularBore2 kuukautta sitten

    Yeah that is so nice of you guy's I wish I had someone to help me seven months ago when I had to close my restaurant I started day's before the pandemic started, not knowing this was happening is what hurt me if I would have known I would have waited. But it is too late now oh well this is what happens when you finally think your dream has come true. Well back to working for someone else Cheers and love your videos it was you guy's Yes Theory that gave me the ambition to do something with my life and put myself out there. Thank you guy's.

  33. Wais Sa Kusina By Brigida

    Wais Sa Kusina By Brigida2 kuukautta sitten

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    Carolina Yoshihara3 kuukautta sitten

    I am from Argentina and I have just discovered you guys a few days ago and can’t stop seeing your videos. You are a real inspiration! Thanks for sharing and spreading the seek discomfort philosophy!

  36. Kelpy

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    I feel terrible for yes theory because that commercial sucked and it’s sad cause they clear put so much work into it but it was just awful

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  38. BLITZ

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  39. JayandCindyGames

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    The commercial had great storytelling but visually uncomfortable

  40. aHairyWhiteGuy

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  49. Ms. AmbiVert

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    @yestheory, I challenge you to pass a difficult online examination. w/o formal review. You must only rely on your instincts, general knowledge and on the books you have read. Let's challenge the mind.

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  51. Clar Chua

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  54. Blair Johns

    Blair Johns4 kuukautta sitten

    This was an amazing story. Thank you for all that you do. I'm working on a project myself and hope to have it going spring of 2021. A community homestead opened to everyone. I want to be able to help artists and musicians get their name out there with this project. Best to you all

  55. Amir Husain

    Amir Husain4 kuukautta sitten

    Why not kidnapping a stranger (Me) from his country and flew him to yours this november as the new chapter starts. That would be cool #seekdiscomfort🔥

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  84. Smashed Cannabis

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    Truly amazing man. I have never left the usa because of a addition and its a dream to visit Italy to find my long lost family. Im going on 5 years sober and finally my life is started to come together. My dad came over on a boat with his mom and dad. I never got to meet them that had passed away before i was born. My dad never talked to anyone from his family other then 1 brother and a cousin. Its just a dream to find out were my dad come from. Telling me story how he couldnt speak English for years at first when he landed on ny. In 2011 i lost my father to cancer after it came back and he couldnt fight anymore. This is one of the most inspirational FItitle channels that I watch and makes me want to fellow my dreams!

  85. Silviu Loghin

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  97. Chris Boling

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    Guys I’m very happy as an entrepreneur to see how much you give back for the betterment of the human race. I own a health supplement company here in Hawaii called greenteaHAWAII. I have always wanted to do something to help the homeless here figure out their purpose in life, help them build their confidence to get after it and make a difference! I think that being homeless is a form of discomfort no one seeks. So if “Seek Discomfort” would like to be apart of helping others, “Escape Discomfort” please let me know. I think together we can be a small part of reducing a BIG problem all over the USA and with the economic impact of COVID-19 we that are successful should do what we can to inspire others to be successful. We are all in this world together. Aloha!!! Chris Boling, President greenteaHAWAII

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