Staying Overnight in America's Most Haunted Asylum

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This week, we stayed overnight in the infamous abandoned Pennhurst State School and let's just say we'll be having nightmares for months after this one.

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  1. Danna Pinto

    Danna Pinto20 tuntia sitten

    I kinda want Sam and Colby to come here

  2. Bryce Molacek

    Bryce Molacek23 tuntia sitten

    she looks like the girl from the movie flashback

  3. John Breitberg

    John BreitbergPäivä sitten

    when did that green ball make it down the hall at 15:45, all the clips before hand show it in the room with eric, they didn’t seem to react to it so presumably it happened by one of them off camera but still idk

  4. Henry Simmons

    Henry Simmons2 päivää sitten

    I think yall didn't really experience anything because spirits can sense intent. You all are very grounded and loving people, and I don't think anything there wanted to harm you because of your presence.

  5. BIG AL 239

    BIG AL 2392 päivää sitten

    I still think Minecraft cave noises are scarier.

  6. S Vidya

    S Vidya3 päivää sitten

    Dude ammar is sooo cute I wanna eat him :")

  7. The AM

    The AM3 päivää sitten

    Is it just me who found this funny rather than scary , cause the place I usually visit is the most haunted place in India , and when there's paranormal activity going on , you won't hear clear voices like these

  8. Brenda Tagadtad

    Brenda Tagadtad4 päivää sitten


  9. Devon Zacharias

    Devon Zacharias5 päivää sitten

    The spotted macaroni evolutionarily beam because story logistically cheat from a tasty hygienic. awful, aback nation

  10. Alexandra Heinstein

    Alexandra Heinstein5 päivää sitten

    Im scared of the dark when there is no light at all

  11. Zearn

    Zearn5 päivää sitten

    Scam place lol fake

  12. BronsonMonias

    BronsonMonias5 päivää sitten

    make a wuss version of this no scary music just happy fun time music and no creepy effects i would much prefer that.... I AM A WUSS AND I AM PROUD

  13. Ainsleigh Ward

    Ainsleigh Ward5 päivää sitten

    This is gonna be litttt

  14. Jackson Foster

    Jackson Foster5 päivää sitten

    Does no one else find this not scary at all? Lol. I love yes theory but this is just a lot of walking around in an old building with nothing going on and sound effects added

  15. Chï Yuh

    Chï Yuh6 päivää sitten

    Literally Outlast in real life 😵‍💫

  16. Rona Mae Comahig

    Rona Mae Comahig6 päivää sitten

    I do not claim any negative energy in this video. 🙏

  17. Varun Singh

    Varun Singh6 päivää sitten

    Dude, you are are really crazy!! But its really worth watching you guys doing such stuffs. Keep going and be safe. Love from India! ❤️

  18. Austin

    Austin6 päivää sitten

    Yes Theory: If someone is here please make the red light blink (waits 10 minutes) ok I guess nothing is here Ghost: Yall really out asking me to reach through another world on command.

  19. Ashley Phillips

    Ashley Phillips6 päivää sitten

    Me watching this alone at night and a black spider crawls down my arm....I didn't need to sleep tonight after all I guess 😫

  20. JayDee

    JayDee6 päivää sitten

    idk what that is but in the back of the hallway there is this weird figure back there. 6:30

  21. Custom Creations

    Custom Creations6 päivää sitten

    Correct me if I am wrong @Yes Theory, but Pennhurst is in Spring City, PA, NOT Philadelphia. I travel by Pennhurst (coming from West Reading) at least 3 times a month when visiting the In-Laws. We have wanted to tour this place MANY times but something always comes up to interrupt our plans :/

  22. Alice Marion

    Alice Marion6 päivää sitten

    This is like Phasmophobia but in real life.

  23. Jino Pemberton

    Jino Pemberton7 päivää sitten

    ur eds massive

  24. Élise Ross

    Élise Ross7 päivää sitten

    It’s really spooky but really hard for me to believe in anything paranormal about this...

  25. Roman Steinman

    Roman Steinman7 päivää sitten

    i live 30 mins from here

  26. Slicey

    Slicey7 päivää sitten

    Overnight in rocket league diamond league players mansion

  27. JoeTheShow 17

    JoeTheShow 178 päivää sitten

    When he said to hold the cameras with both hands bc they’ll get knocked out by the spirits, i think my underwear turned a pretty dark brown

  28. Xavier Grose

    Xavier Grose8 päivää sitten

    Guys please please please make this a recurring series of exploring abandoned and haunted places, it would be amazing to actually have people that are believable to explore these places.

  29. safaa EL

    safaa EL8 päivää sitten

    Amar is really built different, this man is unstoppable

  30. the invisible me

    the invisible me8 päivää sitten

    That Autumn chick is full of bs

  31. jung lee

    jung lee9 päivää sitten

    The white company biologically beam because arithmetic adventitiously fold above a wandering seat. mere, lumpy anger

  32. NetherWolves

    NetherWolves9 päivää sitten

    I’m watching this while they have 6.66 million subs 😬

  33. BuddhaBum

    BuddhaBum9 päivää sitten

    I love you guys and your work but you GOT TO STOP putting music in the background of your "haunted" videos, a reason for us to watch these is to try to find audio that yall didnt pick up. Just sayin

  34. ProMethod2

    ProMethod29 päivää sitten

    Shoutout Wawa

  35. Ian Cesar

    Ian Cesar9 päivää sitten

    While I am watching this video, the number of subscribers for the channel is 6.66(M). I'm afraid

  36. Lolohenry oi

    Lolohenry oi9 päivää sitten

    The responsible toenail analogously move because shingle enzymatically poke without a short report. stiff, kindhearted piccolo

  37. Blaise Torres

    Blaise Torres10 päivää sitten

    Only thing that sucks is we were only allowed in the tunnels and in one of the main buildings sadly but had a great experience there

  38. Blaise Torres

    Blaise Torres10 päivää sitten

    When I was on my ghost show we did an episode there it was pretty lit no lie 💯

  39. Motcha

    Motcha10 päivää sitten

    Phasmofobia style

  40. Arda Gezer

    Arda Gezer10 päivää sitten

    Insym would speedrun this video

  41. Mohamad Elzaher

    Mohamad Elzaher11 päivää sitten

    This Egyptian gay guy is fake as hell .

  42. Hasan Abdullah

    Hasan Abdullah11 päivää sitten

    being alone in a room isn't scary, but being not alone is..

  43. Hannah B

    Hannah B11 päivää sitten

    Lmao he really just basically asked “if there’s no light how dark is it”

  44. JS D

    JS D12 päivää sitten

    I don’t believe in ghost or anything like that

  45. AddictedToBananas

    AddictedToBananas13 päivää sitten

    Any timestamps of crazy stuff that happened?

  46. Abir Ahmed

    Abir Ahmed13 päivää sitten

    This is the most boring video of Yes theory, you should have put 1 guy only rather than going into the house with full gang

  47. Todd B.

    Todd B.13 päivää sitten

    Was 3:45 an editing issue or…. 👀

  48. rommella trasmonte

    rommella trasmonte13 päivää sitten

    its like "The Promise Neverland"... oh f**k-

  49. alfredo mojica

    alfredo mojica14 päivää sitten

    Go to hashima island

  50. Desmond Bougon

    Desmond Bougon14 päivää sitten

    These people are horrible, making people believe there are spirits with tricked-out machines just to make a profit

  51. BMW Rider1 `

    BMW Rider1 `15 päivää sitten

    Been in that place never again

  52. Emon Ushank

    Emon Ushank16 päivää sitten

    Autumn looks more of kind of a ghost lol

  53. Primula Bhutia

    Primula Bhutia16 päivää sitten

    This channel is still so freaking underrated !

  54. some Random Guy

    some Random Guy16 päivää sitten

    Looks like such a calm and beautiful place

  55. childish king

    childish king17 päivää sitten

    plot twist the girl guiding them is a ghost...

  56. Justthatguy

    Justthatguy17 päivää sitten

    Love the guy who said have a wonderful night guys🤣

  57. Darkbat

    Darkbat18 päivää sitten

    You know its real when the camera man gets scared

  58. HaxxDoStuff

    HaxxDoStuff19 päivää sitten

    Wow 999 views huh?

  59. ian sidney

    ian sidney19 päivää sitten

    You guys wassup

  60. ian sidney

    ian sidney19 päivää sitten

    Funny my guy

  61. Bunkbed

    Bunkbed19 päivää sitten

    Nope no thanks

  62. Mark Banegas

    Mark Banegas20 päivää sitten

    lol. No such thing as ghosts. I'd spend the night there no problem. Alone.

  63. Akashdeep Roy

    Akashdeep Roy21 päivä sitten

    Fake af

  64. Logan Creator

    Logan Creator21 päivä sitten

    This shit is fake af 😂

  65. Gail Harper

    Gail Harper21 päivä sitten

    The raspy pigeon adversely print because europe conclusively matter forenenst a sudden circle. economic, good water

  66. Amin

    Amin21 päivä sitten

    7:30 what if there is a like a homeless guy in there and just wanted you guys to shut up so he could sleep

  67. Carson Moore

    Carson Moore21 päivä sitten

    I liked the video but next time I’d prefer honestly what the woman suggested and just go by yourself without them expecting you because I feel like it wasn’t super genuine this time

  68. pang yee

    pang yee22 päivää sitten

    Basically the RE7 haunted house crew but nicer

  69. sesederhana itu

    sesederhana itu22 päivää sitten

    You should try indonesian most haunted building...lawang sewu... Its legendary

  70. Sony S

    Sony S23 päivää sitten

    A lot of hipe! An old building with a terrifying history. Nothing more.

  71. no name

    no name23 päivää sitten

    I was just hoping there is no jumpscare in the middle of the video

  72. Prady 71

    Prady 7123 päivää sitten

    Call Gojo Satoru asap😂😂

  73. Alex Gomes

    Alex Gomes24 päivää sitten

    That guy shouldn't say does not help. God helps you in every situation and had a plan for you. Surely, there are ups and downs in life but your trust towards God should not be broken.

  74. Ridham Govind

    Ridham Govind26 päivää sitten

    Ah yes phasnaohobia BUTS IT REAL LIFE

  75. Syed Mujtaba

    Syed Mujtaba27 päivää sitten

    Howl Howl Howl ...........

  76. amani

    amani28 päivää sitten


  77. Didrik Davies

    Didrik Davies28 päivää sitten

    Look at brandao4 on tiktok

  78. jeffrey mccarn

    jeffrey mccarn29 päivää sitten

    12:41 whats in the window????

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    نور الدينUukausi sitten

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  80. Drop Da Melon

    Drop Da MelonUukausi sitten

    Of course there's thick clouds, rain, a huge forest and giant chimneys in the background to emphasise the setting of that asylum. Its like the architects were planning for this

  81. a xero

    a xeroUukausi sitten

    Imagine seeing Vsause there and hearing Hey Vsause Michael here How fast can you run?

  82. BH HADES

    BH HADES12 päivää sitten

    Speed of light

  83. Pickle lad

    Pickle ladUukausi sitten

    bro are you playing Phasmophobia?

  84. Beastmode beastmode

    Beastmode beastmodeUukausi sitten

    Nice I did this also it's like 6hrs just a few bucks anyone can come here in pa

  85. Drone Review man

    Drone Review manUukausi sitten

    Haha!!!!! Now that's seeking discomfort

  86. Leonela kebi

    Leonela kebiUukausi sitten

    I’m Tommy 😂😂

  87. lukedacherry 2

    lukedacherry 2Uukausi sitten

    Ahhhh why is there so many things about a Luke.

  88. jailtoast max

    jailtoast maxUukausi sitten

    Where’s Thomas

  89. JohanOffline

    JohanOfflineUukausi sitten

    "Historian", Americans have a tendency to give themselves these titles without hesitation. Can't take them seriously.

  90. dkgaijin

    dkgaijinUukausi sitten

    most happiest people in a scary place LOL

  91. Naman Sreyas

    Naman SreyasUukausi sitten

    okay help me here, im new to their vids, watched one where ammar was leaving the group. then as stated on google he decided not to be in the vids anymore. did he rejoin? what happened?

  92. Turtle Boy

    Turtle BoyUukausi sitten


  93. Turtle Boy

    Turtle BoyUukausi sitten

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  94. Gothic Matter

    Gothic MatterUukausi sitten

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  95. Silver Fox Media

    Silver Fox MediaUukausi sitten

    I wanna say this is all fake but it's the yes theory, I just trust them and it's scaring the shit out

  96. shmackapoof

    shmackapoofUukausi sitten

    Death logo 14:58 hell yeah.

  97. Josh W.

    Josh W.Uukausi sitten

    I'd love to go somewhere like this I'm terrified of the paranormal but it seems like so much fun

  98. Octavian Caesar

    Octavian CaesarUukausi sitten

    Assuming the facility provided these paranormal listening devices 😂 seems like a fun amusement park ride

  99. LiX

    LiXUukausi sitten

    Everyone go to 15:55 there’s a ghost put it on .25 speed bro WTF

  100. Matej Matyáš Nazaretský, The God Of Water

    Matej Matyáš Nazaretský, The God Of WaterUukausi sitten

    So many ghosts there

  101. Matej Matyáš Nazaretský, The God Of Water

    Matej Matyáš Nazaretský, The God Of WaterUukausi sitten


  102. Matej Matyáš Nazaretský, The God Of Water

    Matej Matyáš Nazaretský, The God Of WaterUukausi sitten


  103. Tamal Guha

    Tamal GuhaUukausi sitten

    6:33 Look at the far right corner down the tunnel, there you can see two figures standing. hello?