Surviving the Hottest Place in the World

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This week after Death Valley hit the hottest temperature ever recorded... We decided to go and experience what 130F or 56C felt like... Both the best and worst idea we've ever had.
Does anyone read the description? I never really know to be honest. Well either way, this is Thomas and I'm a bit bored writing this so I'll just keep typing random things and see if anybody will notice. Conor was really upset that we kept him farting in the video so please ignore that part (or don't). Anyways, hope you liked the video we're actually pretty stoked with how it came out!
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Thank you to Tommy, Tristan and Nathan for tagging along as our rescue team.
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  1. Yes Theory

    Yes Theory6 kuukautta sitten

    It’s worth noting that what you see on both Ammar and Thomas’ shoulder is a GPS tracking our location at all times (which the rescue team and people at home are receiving). It can also text anyone immediately if anything is needed. The rescue team, although they were joking around in the video, drove back and forth on the road to keep a visual on us. They kept us always in sight and were ready to come help if anything was needed 🙏 much love and a great week y’all

  2. eden 1

    eden 1Uukausi sitten


  3. Kermit Roosevelt ferkel roosevelt heil

    Kermit Roosevelt ferkel roosevelt heil2 kuukautta sitten

    the flat earth stars moving and looking so nice

  4. I AssessYou

    I AssessYou2 kuukautta sitten

    You all went in within a controlled environment. You were suppose to wing it and whatever happened, happened. Not saying it's fake, I'm saying the experience you presented was disingenuous. Calling for help at a moment's notice isn't really adventurous. Booooo! 👎

  5. FiFi An

    FiFi An2 kuukautta sitten

    U guys almost got me heart attack that u might get lost

  6. iladj

    iladj3 kuukautta sitten

    I loved the idea but I feel like there was still a lot of oversight for such a dangerous trip. Did you guys consider heat resistant walkie talkies, car battery and coolant, the metal on the equipment you were carrying, how was the rescue team supposed to reach you guys? A lot of little things that turned this from a life experience to actually risking your lives without real help. Love you guys and glad your safe but I was mad at how unprepared I felt y'all were for this journey. All that being said I'd love to try this lmao

  7. Jonathan Fairchild

    Jonathan Fairchild5 tuntia sitten

    These guys legit did this the worst way possible. You don’t wear short sleeves in the desert. Wear light and breathable long sleeves. There’s a reason the middle easterners wear flowing light colored robes. It’s smart. It keeps you cool. You don’t hike in the middle of the day. Hike early morning to late morning. Find/construct shade and rest during midday. Then hike late afternoon to night. There’s a reason there’s not much wildlife out at midday. They’ve adapted to be nocturnal to not have to be active during the hot day. You eat lots of salty food and drink tons of water and electrolytes. Many breaks and snacks. Go slow but steady. Love these guys but it was really dumb to not research any of this or a least to act like they’re not taking it seriously or tell their audience how they’re taking steps to be safe. “We consulted experts” doesn’t cut it. People obviously want to emulate Yes Theory. This was actually very dangerous. As they said don’t do what they did. Be safe, do research, and explore responsibly and safely. I’m only saying this because I do a lot of camping and backpacking and I’ve hiked the Grand Canyon and many other dangerous places. I’ve seen people in very dangerous situations because they don’t think ahead and don’t take nature seriously. Be safe everyone!!

  8. Crafty

    Crafty20 tuntia sitten

    Badwater Basin you say?

  9. Manuel Areche

    Manuel ArechePäivä sitten

    lets go man

  10. Valentin Lazar

    Valentin LazarPäivä sitten

    I love living in Sweden! 🇸🇪❤️

  11. Peter Kim

    Peter Kim3 päivää sitten

    Perfect temperature to sous vide a steak

  12. Rafael Machado

    Rafael Machado3 päivää sitten

    That is wrong, the hottest place in the earth is the dashat-e lut here in iran, i wasnt born but, in 2004, the temperature reach 74ºC.

  13. muslihat kedua

    muslihat kedua3 päivää sitten

    you guys should have your own tv show! i just want you guys to get rich so you can keep explore everything in this world

  14. muslihat kedua

    muslihat kedua3 päivää sitten

    im worried if there is a snake out there

  15. CoozyBanana

    CoozyBanana4 päivää sitten

    Just appreciate the workers that built that road in Death Vally, Barely any people go there people.

  16. Just a person in your comment section

    Just a person in your comment section4 päivää sitten

    "Dont try this at home" Me watching this in a 100 C sauna: How about in do it anyway

  17. Gladys Mwihaki

    Gladys Mwihaki4 päivää sitten

    this guys great grandkids listening their granddads life stories ,

  18. Marco P

    Marco P4 päivää sitten

    I was at Badwater with "only" 119 Fahrenheit. Indeed a once in a lifetime experience.

  19. kyrie Gao

    kyrie Gao4 päivää sitten

    don't try this but why you guys have privileges to try

  20. shyguyshow

    shyguyshow5 päivää sitten

    2:33 Me a Tf2 fan: that's not that bad

  21. Noblesse_Phantasma

    Noblesse_Phantasma5 päivää sitten

    From Iceman to Fireman real quick

  22. Noblesse_Phantasma

    Noblesse_Phantasma5 päivää sitten

    He went from Iceman to fireman

  23. Melodia Voce Digital

    Melodia Voce Digital6 päivää sitten

    To be honest in Kuwait where I used to reside, the temps hit around 63 degrees Celsius in 2019. So i guess 58 degrees celsius is not the worlds hottest temp.

  24. Azez Kuw

    Azez Kuw9 päivää sitten

    Kuwait reached 63 degrees Celcius

  25. Challey

    Challey12 päivää sitten

    Imagine wearing Jesus sandals walking through Death Valley lmao like why didn’t he wear shoes lol

  26. Pryq Hhgfff

    Pryq Hhgfff13 päivää sitten

    56 for me is in the north of Africa. It is hotter but 56 is not really what bothers us a lot

  27. Inger _x

    Inger _x14 päivää sitten

    I’ve been there and I was so excited for the heat but it ended up only being 97 degrees that day :/

  28. It’s SpaceSZN

    It’s SpaceSZN15 päivää sitten

    I wish I had this vid when I did a paper on Death Valley

  29. Popo Nola

    Popo Nola15 päivää sitten

    NASA satellite maps shows the hottest place in the earth is located in Iran central deserts with 76C

  30. Osama Bayyoumi

    Osama Bayyoumi18 päivää sitten

    Saudi is hotter, just not recorded

  31. felicia garner

    felicia garner19 päivää sitten

    Was anyone else genuinely concerned for their lives for the solid first half of the video. Heheheh😳

  32. Grace Rickard

    Grace Rickard20 päivää sitten

    Watching your videos just honestly makes me so happy and joyful :)

  33. Lauren :)

    Lauren :)21 päivä sitten

    It’s get to 110+ in summer in Vegas. We are used to it. Feels like you stepped out into an oven but you get used to it!

  34. Todd Waring

    Todd Waring21 päivä sitten

    I’m 13 and the highest temperature I’ve ever faced was about 40 degrees in Cyprus I doubt I could survive even a minute However my biggest dream is to travel the world and I would love for that dream to become reality But for now I’ve never even left Europe but I hope that will change by the time I’m 20 Edit:just looked up 130 in Fahrenheit it just about 15-20 degrees higher that 40 degrees Celsius so about 54 degrees Celsius

  35. Todd Waring

    Todd Waring21 päivä sitten

    Sorry for the long comment

  36. True Potential

    True Potential21 päivä sitten

    Others: F this is hot. Amar: Finally, a homely enviornment where i can thrive 😎

  37. toby littlewood

    toby littlewood21 päivä sitten

    I’ve been and it’s really not that hot, it is easily manageable. But saying that my favourite place I have ever been. So many places to go and see there

  38. rockstarJDP

    rockstarJDP22 päivää sitten

    I've been to Death Valley when it was peaking around 52 Celsius. Can confirm, that dry hot wind will turn you into human jerky almost immediately, and the sand in the wind stings like a b*tch and dries your sweat in seconds so no chance to cool off. It's simultaneously one of the most beautiful places and most terrifying places I've ever been.

  39. Leon Haven

    Leon Haven23 päivää sitten

    I guess the USA is the world now.

  40. Lucas .69 years ago Edited

    Lucas .69 years ago Edited13 päivää sitten


  41. Hean Sodanith

    Hean Sodanith25 päivää sitten

    I feel hot even i turn on AC

  42. Emerald

    Emerald27 päivää sitten

    I’m going to start a No theory channel where I just say Hell No to all these challenges

  43. TV BR Brasil

    TV BR BrasilUukausi sitten

    Hottest place? Come on to Rio de Janeiro and feel the thermic feeling...LOL

  44. faaruu miah

    faaruu miahUukausi sitten

    Imagine someone died or got left behind

  45. Michael Carter

    Michael CarterUukausi sitten

    I have worked in 58c temperatures in central outback Australia on a mining rig, Very demanding work in an oven. Wasn't exactly fun,

  46. No Bov

    No BovUukausi sitten

    Anyone read Thomas' random rant in the description...? A recommend.

  47. Book Report

    Book ReportUukausi sitten

    Thats not the hottest place in the world

  48. KenmaPlsDateMe

    KenmaPlsDateMeUukausi sitten

    I feel bad for ammar, they could’ve at least sent someone with him🧍🏻‍♂️

  49. Beard & Bazooka

    Beard & BazookaUukausi sitten

    imagine if the tyres melted

  50. Beard & Bazooka

    Beard & BazookaUukausi sitten

    11:00 what's that song called

  51. Not Know

    Not KnowUukausi sitten

    Lol, I live in Australia but I went there when I was 8 Edit: I burnt my butt on a toilet seat there... 😥

  52. CE Good L

    CE Good LUukausi sitten

    Do you know what's crazy Alice springs in Australia hit 61 degrees Celsius/ 141 Fahrenheit after the great flood in 1852 it hit the temperature on a Tuesday in 1854

  53. NcWcN1

    NcWcN1Uukausi sitten

    It cracked me up when they mentioned that the Rescue Team was supposed to do research on the terrain... and then the scene cuts to them playing cards 😅

  54. Leen Said

    Leen SaidUukausi sitten

    The temperature in kuwait reached 62 degrees

  55. Ionut Badulescu

    Ionut BadulescuUukausi sitten

    I’d rather stay in the cold than warm

  56. siti nazhirah

    siti nazhirahUukausi sitten

    The ads..

  57. Evanz111

    Evanz111Uukausi sitten

    I appreciate that you guys gave the Celsius readings for us international audiences!

  58. Havehadit

    HavehaditUukausi sitten

    You can sous vide a steak at 133°

  59. Nick Molnar

    Nick MolnarUukausi sitten

    dudes like im a fckn swede im not meant for this heat shit

  60. Aryan Shrestha

    Aryan ShresthaUukausi sitten

    Bro it looks like mars

  61. Nick Tueros

    Nick TuerosUukausi sitten

    whenever they say “please do not try this” try it

  62. Ajinkya Joshi

    Ajinkya JoshiUukausi sitten

    On the exact same day of the 56C record in death valley, it was snowing in the mountains to the East

  63. Jacob Burke

    Jacob BurkeUukausi sitten

    No one's going to mention the dude using a mask as a blindfold? 😂

  64. Janvi Nair

    Janvi NairUukausi sitten

    this maybe the only corona free place

  65. Leroy sosa

    Leroy sosaUukausi sitten

    Amazing video man thank you so much guys God bless each and everyone of you I had something to do with this video that's so amazing watching all the way from Spain thank you so much

  66. Mai Sakura

    Mai SakuraUukausi sitten

    in my country this is normal

  67. BreadedLemon

    BreadedLemonUukausi sitten

    I believe wearing black clothing helps

  68. Tae Kim

    Tae KimUukausi sitten

    love these guys, but definitely some of the ugliest merch I seen by youtubers in the beginning of the video. lol

  69. tolga ayyıldız

    tolga ayyıldızUukausi sitten

    this area not hotest area in the world because i see in my city 60c (but in summer) i am like wtf now :D

  70. TaRxFaCe

    TaRxFaCeUukausi sitten

    This was not inside a volcano

  71. LoCAL TAlkS

    LoCAL TAlkSUukausi sitten

    In india we experience 49-50degree celsius for the whole month

  72. Person 5363

    Person 5363Uukausi sitten

    The highest temp I’ve been in was 45 mate (c)

  73. Marivic Hugo

    Marivic HugoUukausi sitten

    Please go to Cerro Gordo

  74. Matt W

    Matt WUukausi sitten

    Iraq used to be 54-55 pretty much every day . A place called Majnoon on the Iranian border

  75. TygoGamesNL

    TygoGamesNLUukausi sitten

    i was running rounds at Death valley in 2018 i was Crazy

  76. Barry Scott

    Barry ScottUukausi sitten

    The hottest place is lava soooooo

  77. Harman Singh

    Harman SinghUukausi sitten

    Jan , 2021 Me : Watching this in one of coldest day of winter to have experience of warmth .

  78. Great Sage

    Great SageUukausi sitten

    How are you not cooking alive

  79. Chase Dodd

    Chase DoddUukausi sitten

    These guys are some of the most dramatic people onEarth

  80. VirdsEyeBiew

    VirdsEyeBiewUukausi sitten

    Imagine being the workers that built those roads bro.. Holy shit

  81. Taha Siddiqui

    Taha SiddiquiUukausi sitten

    do they not sweat or what id be losing half of my body water in half an hour in 130 degrees lol

  82. Fofo Flor

    Fofo FlorUukausi sitten

    Dude just checked his pulse to make sure he's still alive

  83. Sniperist Gaming

    Sniperist GamingUukausi sitten

    I think i heard that.. at 55°C normal human beings starts to die.. Bruh, Amazing work though.. I can't even survive 40 tbh😂

  84. Ntina Morris

    Ntina MorrisUukausi sitten

    I would love to be in the middle of the desert drinking my iced nescafe frappe enjoying the scenes

  85. sportymum 76

    sportymum 76Uukausi sitten

    I really suffer at 30C How could they survive this ?! Incredible !!! Respekt !!!!!!

  86. Keion Tahmir Draco

    Keion Tahmir DracoUukausi sitten

    Thinks of Avicii - The nights

  87. Some Aqua

    Some AquaUukausi sitten

    Them: travel the world = money me: boils hot water: free :D

  88. Gary Williams UK

    Gary Williams UKUukausi sitten

    It was 49 degrees where I lived in India and I swear I nearly died

  89. ali j

    ali jUukausi sitten

    The desert in iran is pronounced differently like lute the musical instrument or loot

  90. Tsunami i

    Tsunami iUukausi sitten

    The fact that I only live 54 miles away from Death Valley.

  91. Intermediate Pootis

    Intermediate PootisUukausi sitten

    damn I cant believe they made the map from tf2 in real life

  92. CLORO X

    CLORO XUukausi sitten

    Bruh it's not the hottest place where I live one time it went to 61c or 142F

  93. NHG

    NHGUukausi sitten

    The hottest place is in Kuwait

  94. WAQAR

    WAQARUukausi sitten

    Lol... Here in Pakistan, its 50+ daily in summers

  95. HSSQ

    HSSQUukausi sitten

    Mojave Desert... Death Valley.. sounds Familiar but where is the Strip and the Lucky 38

  96. Sam Newman

    Sam NewmanUukausi sitten

    the drone footage is insane

  97. mike risumfeldt

    mike risumfeldtUukausi sitten

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  98. john john

    john johnUukausi sitten

    6.1k are those dislikers who are going this place without any equipments

  99. john john

    john johnUukausi sitten

    Salute those who live permanently in deserts Such as Nomads

  100. Karl Aritalia

    Karl Aritalia2 kuukautta sitten

    Try here in the Philippines

  101. eggy

    eggy2 kuukautta sitten

    mans never hot.

  102. Peio

    Peio2 kuukautta sitten

    Thomas wasnt used to temperatures like this. He is Swedish come on

  103. Vít Melicherčík

    Vít Melicherčík2 kuukautta sitten

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  104. Jeff Miller

    Jeff Miller2 kuukautta sitten

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  105. Myfloss 21

    Myfloss 212 kuukautta sitten

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  106. igen világító zebra csíkos angol lovag

    igen világító zebra csíkos angol lovag2 kuukautta sitten

    Btw, the Sahara is the hottest...

  107. DNA DOC

    DNA DOC2 kuukautta sitten

    Yes I read descriptions often so thanks for the farts