Traveling On The World’s Most Dangerous Road

We definitely should not have driven down this road... But while in Bolivia... We felt like we had no other choice but to go see it... Locally it's named "Death Road"... You'll understand why in the video.
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    5:47 I didn’t know the Forza horizon 5 trailer was out yet

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    My family owns a hotel near that road. Before the new road was built they had to visit the hotel every weekend through the death road

  10. Daniel Claggett

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    So this video was supposed to be about traveling in more green ways. You highlighted 3 things and the rest of the video was just travel porn. You aren’t traveling green but more like a tax write off.

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    The driver says " the road is very dangerous". The translator says " the road could be very dangerous", lol

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    Visit the north of Pakistan you will forget this road

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    Mohammad Sharique Ali6 päivää sitten This road is nothing in front of road in India.. Check out above link..

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    Most dangerous road in the road...Sagada says 'hi'😁

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    Cinematography always takes you to another level.


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    It feels like watching a documentary or a nature movie

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    come to NEPAL 95% of road are more dangerous than this.

  35. Julianne Davis

    Julianne Davis21 päivä sitten

    I lived in Bolivia for a year and a half and that road always scared me to hear people talk about how there would be 2 buses passing each other. There is no room for that! Other than that, Bolivia has so much to offer in terms of experiences but many people pass by it for more well known places. I would suggest to anyone visiting to also try Tupiza and take a tour around the area to visit the trail of the incas or the devils door. As well as Tunari or Incachaca and going to Lake Titicaca to visit the floating houses.

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    the eco lodge is a reward for surviving death road.

  44. Rolando Cisneros

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    It's definitely not dangerous at all, I did the death road on bike 3 years ago with my 58 years old dad and 56 years mom and we weren't even a little bit scared, my dad even felt on the road, some scratches and kept going, this road WAS dangerous long time ago when trucks used to transit, but now there aren't any trucks or big vehicles, only cars, vans, bikes and some people speeding on ATVs. It is an amazing experience and Bolivia it's a beautiful country with incredible landscapes, nature and history, definitely worth visiting


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