This is part 3 of our series in Egypt where we surprise Thomas with his Egyptian Instagram/Celebrity crush... Salma Abu Deif. Enjoy the episode! You can follow her on Instagram here: salmaabudeif
We traveled to the city and resort called Sahl Hasheesh. They hooked us up with 2 days of incredible experiences, we HIGHLY recommend coming here if you ever visit Egypt. Learn more here:
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Who are we?
Yes Theory are four friends from four different countries who constantly seek discomfort in order to grow. Ammar, Thomas, Matt and Derin met in Montreal, Canada in the summer of 2015 and bonded over their shared desire to live a life that challenged and excited them. Fast forward to a year later, the team is now based out of Los Angeles, making a show on Snapchat Discover.
Snapchat handle: yestheory
Camera: Sony A7S Mark ii
Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer, Derin Emre
Editors: Thomas Brag and Thomas Dajer


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    Oh whoops nope they took monetization away again! Just teasing us a bit, great!

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    @Honar Ibrahim That’s still amazing!

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    @FlamingHotMemes no it's not me, but I recognize some of the people :)

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    @Honar Ibrahim is this the guy from the newest Iraq video? You were great if it is

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    Yes Theory

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    'That's 2 hours of sleep' is the most relatable thing I ever heard

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    Thomas was so goofy back then😂😂 it's Hilarious

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    So he has a crush on a girl that has a daughter and is married?


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    Never seen a group of Dorks this dorky in all my life! And who wears a T-shirt that looks like it would fit his little brother?.....Oh wait, he must be the little brother!

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    wtf its salma abo def and you are like its nothing

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    Yes theory needs to visit Pakistan and have an adventure of northern Pakistan. It's amazing landscape and pure adventure.

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    Not snapping the neck of the child shows extreme tolerance.

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    What a little brat kid

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    I have not seen those plastic straws in a long time.

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    you people remind me of my squad and that always put a real smile on my face

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    You could've left me here honestly

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    I was like how they Gal Gadot involved

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    ngl i think her friend was cuter

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    6:10 am i alone who recognised this tone?

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    “It’s a regular brownie.” 😂

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    lexi watching this now be like INTRESTING

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    I thought Ammar was gay/bi my brother has a crush on him.

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    its so weird looking at this in 2021 when we all wear masks

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    Is she salma abu deif

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    lucky you I am from Egypt and this girl now Is one of the famouse actress in 20s

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    She reminds me of someone.

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    hahah that girl is Salmaa AbuDeif .. she is an actress :D

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    He is the best man. It’s a shame his country banned him

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    Hi I'm Capoeira training in Cairo

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    I wanted to see thomas and his crush on the pool!!! why was it just the boys?!? hahah

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    wow...back to the old days... where masks in airplanes weren't a thing..

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    videography was as always brilliant

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    She's an actress, google Salma Abu-Deif.

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    The moment when they were in the backseat of the car, I'm thinking: man I really wouldnt mind those 3 doing a whole episode or short film of 00:54 minutes of them just talking in the backseat of a car with their editing skills. Yeah.

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    Thomas is HAL from Malcom in the middle WHATT 3:49 - 3:52

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    She is coming with a friend , lol

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    I just discovered „Yes Theory“ and 2021 is already so much better than the other year one will not talk about anymore. #itsavibe

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    That Egyptian looks like Gal Gadot

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    doesn’t thomas have a girlfriend?

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    She has a kid: ABORT ABORT MISSION

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    Wait the video was about Thomas and his crush right I forgot it as soon as I stated watching the video

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    3:34 we all know this face *cakeboy* 😂

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    This 100% has gotta be the best yes theory video

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    Everyone in the bathroom just reminds me of a very specific Friends episode

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    OMG I also have three first names and the last one is the one my family and friends use (in general it's too hard to explain so I let new people just call me by my first first name...) I'm not Swedish tho. Just have weird parents lol

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    I thought that was gal gadot lol

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    I was in hurghada back in 2013 i was 15-16years old with my parents was so beautiful.

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    she was beautiful, Thimas got good choice

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    Just want to travel with these guys once in life.. This is my dream... Amen 🙏🏻

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    Is it just me or anyone else also thinks thomas looks like young Edward Norton from fight club!

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    i am watching this after 3 years and loved it you gonna reply??

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    Jojo reference

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    where do I watch what happened at the dead sea? It skipped that part in the series but I would love to see it.

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    He gets girls every where, i sadly don't have that blessing.

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    8:17 look at Matt's back flip prep with his arms, with no actual back flip; compared to everyone else, lol!

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    3:14 Don't worry Thomas (Carl), my friends do this to me too.


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    It's only me or..that girl looks like gal gadot in thumbnail 🤔🤔

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    Ahh.. life without masks. The good old days

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    I’m Egyptian but live in Holland and honestly Egyptian girls are so hot i want to marry 1 inshallah!😂

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    Edward Norton

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    Dang! Thomas's Egyptian crush is a HOTTIE...

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    Thomas is missing his crush. Plan another trip for him. Maybe a challenge.

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    Lol why does that girl look like the actress of wonderwoman

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    Also can we just take a moment to appreciate how cute that scene was when Amar was dancing with that lil baby girl😍

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    Love how matt romanticizes life ..."best juice I've ever had in my life!" 😂😂

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    Anyone know who is this influencer

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    All of the videos they make are real not fake

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    I recently asked Vale Genta why she didn't go with Thomas on a date. Let's see what she answers me when I see her next time.

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    is no one gonna talk about how matt was drinking desani water🤢

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    she looks like Gal Gadot

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    Also 2:00 i was sitting in the bathroom 😂😂kinda felt a part of the meeting😂😂

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    2:00 i cracked up so hard i woke up my whole family in the middle of the night😂😂

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    Roasting thomas has always been my favorite part. 😅

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    Hi Guys, just watching ALL of your videos from Latvia (Baltic countries, and YES - we are not Russian :D ) and I started a few weeks ago, cought some videos that where the most popular. Slovely, my interest grew in to sort of realization of the fact that life can be more than it is and, now, watching ALL uploaded video from ground up to not miss a thing on your channel on youtube. Unfortunately, we all know what year this is now and these Instagram episodes were shown at the time when I just found out about G-eazy and his music (won my hearth over at dificult times when needed the most...), so, is there a way or a chance that there are some posibilitie to see these episodes somewhere? IF the answer is held in any future videos ( I`m at 152nd video so far ) then sorry for asking - could not held myself any longer as the curiosity won me over! :D P.S. Thank you for being the lght in midst of all the shadows around ! Keep up the good work and all the bust luck to ya! P.S.S. Got my girlfriend bindge watching you as well, so, don`t lt me down (told her You are awesome :D ) !!!

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    6:56 and he is laughing

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