8 months after starting the construction of our new Yes House... We finally get to share the process with the world!
Ammar assembled the most badass team to help him bring the vision of Yes House to life. This is the first step towards a grander goal to open more Yes Houses around the world.
Yes House Build Team:
Ammar Kandil (@ammar) Experience Designer and Creative Director
Liam Cook (@Liamingvar) - Designer and Architect
Ben Meister (@mrbenmeister)- Master Builder and Carpenter
Alan Chin (@AlanChin)- Artist Collaborator
Tom Franco (Tom__Franco)- Artist Collaborator
Shiran Yadav (@Shiran.Yadav)- Interior Desiger
Aureen Aghajanian (@aureen_)- Full Stack handyman and Good Vibes Ambassador
Nathan Lam (@NaythanLam)- Builder and Problem Solver
Thank you as well to our wonderful brand partners:
Bose for the top-notch sound system:
Fully for our brand new office furniture:
Nano Leaf for the amazing light panels that gave character to the space:
Infinity Aquariums for the badass aquarium ( if you wanna know more about how it was built then watch this video:
- @infinityaquariums on instagram and
Thank you to Epidemic Sound for the sound booth and to
Lovesac for the comfy bean bags.
If you want to join the Yes Fam Facebook group which is 80,000+ of our most engaged and badass community members, you can apply here: groups/15653...
PERFECT ROYALTY FREE MUSIC FOR FItitle: free 30 day trial here:
Musicbed has amazing montage and cinematic music:
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Exclusive challenges on Instagram: yestheory
Who are we?
We believe that life can be as fulfilling as you wish, so long as you're willing to seek discomfort. And we make videos about it.
Business Inquiries:
Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer
Editors: Thomas Brag, Thomas Dajer, Cam Peddle, Bryce Perry


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    george georgescu9 päivää sitten

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    That's literally soooo beautiful. Why there aren't any bedrooms though?

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    The interior design that I want while living indepent in my late 20s! This guys are the right definition of being millenial!

  5. BRIGA

    BRIGA17 päivää sitten

    It's just so wholesome to look at this and see what a group of people with a very unique dream is capable to make! If you think about it, this guys are so genuine, such a nice people, with such pure hearts and they just built a whole community with kindness. Making people smile just for fun, pranking each other with love and nice surprises and having a voice to those who felt alone all their lifes, to be part of something. I'm very proud of them, but I'm very proud of each one of you, who watch this and try to make a change in peoples lifes with the smallest but meaningful actions. It's really nice to know that 6 M people who I dont know think as me, and have a united family of strangers that, even if they dont know you, they're always ready to help and make people feel good with themselfs. Thank you for inspiring so much people. Fo'real. You guys are making a difference in world.

  6. Shaggyone789

    Shaggyone78920 päivää sitten

    The “like” to “dislike” ratio on this video is mind boggling. These guys deserve it. Literally living out the “put good into the universe and the universe will return good to you ideal”

  7. Anirudh Agrawal

    Anirudh Agrawal24 päivää sitten

    Can the yes believers drop by to show support and meet the team?! It is on my bucket list to meet you guys and do something crazy!

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  18. Oneness-Heart

    Oneness-Heart2 kuukautta sitten

    "Self-giving means the unmasking of the golden face of the future." Sri Chinmoy. - love to you all from Koala-Land xx

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    is there any bed rooms? bc if there is none where will u guys sleep?

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    PERCY IS ON YOUTUBE8 kuukautta sitten

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